(Every Budget) Best 2 Person Double Sleeping Bags for Couples in 2019

(Every Budget) Best 2 Person Double Sleeping Bags for Couples in 2019

What a camping couple always needs is to snuggle up together after a long day of trekking, climbing and other outdoor activities. Well, we ain’t talking about booking a good hotel room for your next trip that has the most comfortable mattress out there. Instead, we want to make you grab and hang that mattress like comfort on your backpack. Thinking about camping, everybody has this misunderstood opinion of compromising comfort at night. Well, you ain’t going camping in the early 60’s. Being thankful for the technologies nowadays, we can get that bed like comfort straight inside the Tent and that too inside a sleeping bag. We are talking about the Double Sleeping bags for couples that are extremely comfortable and provide you the correct body warmth together with the peace and relief you needed with your partner after that tiring day.

Just like some other product in the market, buying a double sleeping bag needs the same amount of research based on one’s personal needs, correct material, and whatnot. When I was a newbie to sleeping bags, I almost called different brands and researched on their sleeping bags to buy the ideal one. But today when you have internet, you knock any door to get this information within seconds.

But researching too is very time-consuming, especially when you don’t know a thing about them. So why don’t you just rely on somebody that has been into them for years now and just pick out his choice and cuddle comfortably in there?

For 2019 I prepared this list of the 5 top-grossing double sleeping bags available in the market right now. I picked the Best from every budget category just putting your pocket size in concern and reviewed them according to my criteria. Let’s take a look at the Best 2 person sleeping bags for couples in 2019.

Best Double Sleeping Bags for Couples (2019)

Item Name and PictureWeightTemperature RatingsDimensionsBuy on Amazon
1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag
5.1'lbs32'F-80'F87" X 59"Check out Price!
2. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag
6.8'lbs32'F-50'F86.6" x 59"Check out Price!
3. Teton Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag
15'lbs (Car camping)0'F-32'F94x62 inchesCheck out Price!
4. Big Agnes Dream Island 15
1.5'lbs15'F-60'F87''x60''Check out Price!
5. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo
3.5'lbs35'F-80'F86"x64"Check out Price!

5 Best (2 Person) Double Sleeping Bags for Couples | Low-High Budget

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag (Low Budget Range) 🌟 BEST VALUE

sleepingo sleeping bag for couples

You can find Sleepingo Bags literally in every list that reviews sleeping bags for couples because of its utmost quality, pocket-friendliness, and flagship killer features at this reasonable price tag. What can I say about this sleeping bag? It has nearly everything you want to start your couple camping journey. Now let’s review the Sleepingo Bag based on our criteria.

Size and Shape: The size of the Sleepingo double sleeping bag is 87″ X 59″ which is very impressive for a bag at this price tag. It offers ample of space for the couple to sleep comfortably to give out the feeling of their actual queen-sized bed. With this much space, you can easily spread your legs out and sleep like babies together.

Talking about the shape, it offers the standard square sized shape of the sleeping system which is perfect to spend the night comfortably and to give you a lose and sound sleep.

Weight: Get ready to listen to its jaw-dropping weight measurement which is 5.1’lbs. It weighs surprisingly less than 6′ lbs and is one of the most lightweight double sleeping bags you can find on the market and especially for this price tag.

Material and Filling: On the outer side, the shell is made up of high-grade polyester than can repel the water like a pro. It has 210 threads that make it ultra-durable along with its lifetime warranty thrown by the brand that makes it worth buying.

For comfort, the brand has used a combination of Tetron and cotton on the inner lining that gives out the best possible comfort in a sleeping bag. What you can see is the combination of natural and synthetic filling that makes it light as well as comfortable for the cold or just moderate nights.

Water Resistance: As I4 told you above in the ‘material’ segment, it comes with a complete water-resistant outer shell made of 210 thread count high-grade camping polyester which is great against the water leakages.

Season Ratings: This couple sleeping bag from Sleepingo is a great 3-season bag that lets you sleep comfortably from 32’F to even 80’F temperature which is again good at this low budget range.

Temperature Ratings: I have used this one personally for over 2 Years and have slept comfortably till the 80’F of temperature as the material is quite breathable. But as the brand claims to be comfortable and warm till the 30’F temperature mark, it becomes a little colder inside and you’ll be needing a thin blanket to sleep comfortably at that temperature. But as the temperature goes up to 33’F, it becomes undoubtedly quite warm and comfortable to sleep.

Extra Comfort Features:

  • It comes with 2 traveling pillows for a more comfortable sleep.

  • It can be unfolded into 2 separate sleeping bags which is a beast of a feature.

  • It offers an everlasting lifetime warranty

Check out Price!


2. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag (Low Budget Range)

Ohuhu double sleeping bag

Ohuhu 2 person sleeping bag for couples is just the same as Sleepingo sleeping bag. I don’t know, which one of them copied the other but both of them are remarkably the best under the low budget segment. I have personally used the Sleepingo Bag and its very reliable but as I haven’t used the Ohuhu, I can’t really tell the truth but researching upon it and reading tens of customer reviews, I have come to know a much about it and got very excited to review the biggest competition of the Sleepingo at a considerably lower price.

Size and Shape: Its dimensions are 86.6″ x 59″ which is again very impressive as it fits well to every couple that snuggles in with ample space for a kid or a pet. Also, it has the standard square shape with high-quality zippers at both sides that could also be turned into a blanket like with the Sleepingo bag.

Weight: It weighs 6.8’lbs which is 1.5’lbs heavier than the Sleepingo sleeping system but a great lightweight option in general.

Material and Filling: It has the 210 thread polyester shell that makes it durable and tough on the outside along with high-quality cotton filling that makes it warmer and cozier on the inside. Because of no synthetic filling, it weighs a little more than the Sleepingo bag.

Water Resistance: As I mentioned above, the 210 thread polyester shell makes it a great choice for a waterproof sleeping bag.

Season Ratings: It can be termed to be 2-Season sleeping bag that is indeed very good for cold nights with temperature as low as 30’F but if you plan a trip where the night temperature will range above 50’F, then go for the Sleepingo Bag as it can make you feel comfortable till the 80’F temperature mark

Temperature Ratings: You can comfortably sleep and cuddle inside this double sleeping bag between the temperature range of 32’F-50’F. But if the temperature goes above 50’F, you can face comfort problems so it mainly meant to be used during winter, spring or fall season only.

Extra Features:

  • It Comes with 2 traveling pillows for extra comfort.
  • It can also be unfolded into 2 separate sleeping bags if preferred.
  • It has the great ability to compress to the smallest of size inside the sack that saves you a significant amount of space in the backpack.


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3. Teton Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag (Mid Budget Range)🌟 Best Car Camping(Snow)

Teton 2 person sleeping bag

Teton is a new Brand but has made a significant name for itself in the outdoor industry in the past years. And now, it has jumped into making tough and comfy sleeping bags, especially for extreme temperatures. For a product like this, you have to shed around 150 bucks outa your pocket but its worth spending if you are an avid camper and spend nights frequently in the wilderness. This Dolomite sleeping bag for couples won’t make a burning hole in your pocket after knowing about everything it can do to make you feel like your own bedroom. A slightly heavy in weight but will make you a great sleeping system for life with its lifetime warranty.

Size and Shape: It is the largest sleeping bag in the list with the size of 94×62 inches which is massive and you both can sleep with the whole of your body spread out as much as you can. You can easily fit in your pet or kids with plenty of room which is its other perk.

It comes with the standard square shape perfect for a couple. Though it cannot be separated into two individual sleeping bags but it also has the third zipper at the bottom to make a blanket and a mattress out of the sleeping bag which is great of a feature.

Weight: It only has this one downside that could distract the couples to look out for some other option which is its weight. It weighs over 15’lbs which makes it the heaviest 2-person sleeping bag on the list.

Now you guys would be wondering that why have I put this one on the list? Because many of us prefer car camping and not trekking so here is the best option for the car campers because of its heavyweight but with this amount of weight comes the luxury and comfort from Teton that none of the sleeping bags on the list could provide.

Material and Filling: On the outside, it’s been made of high-grade waterproof shell. I have used this sleeping bag for 3 years straight and I loved it for the comfort and luxury it made me felt each time I snugged inside. You seriously don’t need a soft ground or an air mattress under the sleeping bag like in the case of others to sleep comfortably as the whole bag feels like a cotton cloud pillow from the bottom to the top.

It has been filled with what they call the best filling ‘super soft elite fiber fill’ which is indeed the most comfortable you can get in a sleeping bag. And I must tell you that the filling contributes largely to its heavyweight.

Water Resistance: As no information was displayed on their official website regarding the waterproofing when I bought it almost 3 years ago, I called out the company myself and they told me that the bag is completely water-resistant with their ‘special polyester shell technology’ and hence, it turned out actually to be.

Season Ratings: This is a military-grade sleeping bag and trust me, If I say it, I mean it. Camping in the coldest of the season when it was 0’celcius, I was kept warm and cozy on the hilltop where most of the sleeping bags fail. It is specially designed for extremely cold to a little moderate temperature so don’t expect comfort during 85’F temperature nights.

Extra Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Military Grade manufacturing

  • Draft Tube around the shoulders

  • Mummy Hood for covered head

  • It can be turned into a mattress and a blanket


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4. Big Agnes Dream Island 15 Sleeping Bag (Mid-High Budget Range)🌟 Best Choice Overall

Best sleeping bag for couples

The Huge Huge name in the camping gear industry, The Big Agnes has come up with an amazing couple sleeping bag that stands tough on the expectations. We can call it the best overall double sleeping bag on the list and on the market itself. It’s a brand that carries immense trust for its durable and high-tech camping gear. This Dream Island 15 Sleeping bag has everything you’ll ever need from a sleeping bag.

Size and Shape: Having the size of  87”x60” It can easily fit 2 adults ranging up to 6.5’ft of height as per my experience with it. It is isn’t the typical square-shaped sleeping bag but certainly tapered at the edges to give it a sort of mummy look that goes well with the warmth it produces. Though it doesn’t bind you up and make your sleep ultra-comfy in this design too.

Weight: It is a boon for trekkers as it weighs just 1 pound and that too with the extremely light filling that can keep you warm in the coldest of nights and keep you comfortable even in the summer season if you go camping. That’s what you pay the money for. Quality comes at a price. Isn’t it?

Material and Filling: The Nylon shell is treated with their special WR treatment to repel water like a pro and the filling is extremely light but ultra-warm and comfy, thanks to the Hotstream recycled polyester used in this double sleeping bag.

Season Ratings: This is a 3-Season Sleeping bag that can be used under chilling cold as well as thrilling hot temperatures comfortably.

Temperature Ratings: The Big Agnes is marked for 15’F that isn’t even boasted by most of the other renowned manufacturers out there. But Big Agnes doesn’t only boast about it and actually works great under those conditions.

Extra Features:

  • Shoulder pockets to save you from extra cold.

  • Flex Pads sleeves to connect various sized pads to the bag.

  • pad coupler to attach  2 single pads or a double pad.

  • breathable material.

  • It comes with 8 zippers.

  • sacks down to ultra-portable bag.


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5. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo Sleeping Bag (High Budget Range)🌟 Best Premium Choice

best double sleeping bag

Sierra has this top of the mark expensive option for the campers who don’t care about the budget and would like to have an iPhone of Double sleeping bags. Quality comes at a price, that’s why this sleeping bag is among the most expensive and Best Sleeping bags on the market. We specially selected this one for the high budget mark because it has all the features and elements you would want from an expensive sleeping bag and that too on a lower price than its competitors.

Size and Shape: It is sized perfectly, 86×64 inches which can fit two 6’4ft height of people easily in there. The shape is unique in itself and it comes without any zippers with its patent-pending non-zipper technology that wows all the campers as they dive in.

As I said, luxury comes at a prie and the technology provided here is extreme. No zippers are required to sleep like you are inside a cocoon. One can move out his/her feet if they feel a little hot in there and that too without any zippers. And if you want your feet back in, just slide ’em inside the bag will automatically seal itself down at the bottom. Isn’t this feature amazing?

Each person sleeping in there can seal themselves down so that if one is feeling hot enough o move the legs outside, the second one won’t feel any cold air coming through.

Weight: It weighs a whopping 3.5lbs which is ultra featherlight and especially with 35’F rating which again surprises the campers. You can trek easily with it hanging on your backpack and you won’t feel a difference.

Material and Filling: This double sleeping bag will surprise you in every possible way and will remind you of the worth of that hard cash you spent on it every time you dive inside. With all the premium material and filling used, it becomes a soft cotton cloud to sleep on and rugged at the same time.

The outer shell is made of 20d polyester ripstop while the inner lining is filled with 700FP PFC-Free DriDown and 20d polyester taffeta. All of the materials are specially engineered to prove that premium feel while slipping inside the bag. You won’t suffer from any outdoor sleeping problems once you invest in it.

Season Ratings: This is a 4-Season Sleeping bag for couples that can be used in any of the four seasons without any hiccups. From the coldest to the hottest nights, trust me it can become your permanent sleeping system.

Temperature Rating: The temperature rating provided by the brand is 35’F/2’C which is even true when used for real. I have personally slept inside a Sierra Design sleeping bag and that too in ice-cold temperature of lower Everest. Where most of the sleeping bags fail to provide you enough warmth, it was providing me the needed comfort too. Hats off to this product that took this special place on the list.

Extra Features:


  • Patent-pending zipperless design allows for more comfort
  • Insulated hand/arm pockets help to seal out drafts
  • Patented self-sealing foot vent for easiest ventilation
  • Stretch cord closure system helps to seal out drafts
  • Sleeping pad sleeve keeps pad under you for comfort and warmth and replaces unnecessary bottom insulation



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Comparing all the 2 Person sleeping bags for couples


Our Pick

If I were to pick the best overall double sleeping bag, I would go for the Big Agnes Dream Island as it has everything that an ideal 2 person sleeping bag needs along with the most trustable brand name. Nor too pricy nor too cheap this Sleeping bag is balanced with all the features you need to survive camping in every season comfortably.

But If you have a crazy tight budget then go for the Sleepingo double sleeping bag blindfolded as it offers so much at a low price tag that anyone could go crazy for. For the small budget, its the best choice that often beats some big names in the industry.

If you are an avid camper and have all the money to invest in the best sleeping bag of the world that’ll make you feel like first-class even in the wilderness, go for Sierra Designs(Link to Amazon).

What to look for when buying a double sleeping bag? (Buying Guide)

Size and Shape

The first thing you have to look out for is the size of the sleeping bag you are about to buy and snuff into it. If that sleeping bag falls short on the width of you two or the height becomes the problem then it could turn out to be a disaster for you both. Just go for a sleeping bag that fits your body size together and the one that isn’t too wide as they make it difficult to trap heat inside especially on colder nights. If the sleeping bag is quite larger than your size, make sure it can get compressed in winters (you’ll find this feature in the expensive ones only).

When it comes to the shape, double sleeping bags generally come in ‘square’ and ‘mummy bag’ shapes. Square shape is a lot more common and you can find it on most of the sleeping bags on the list above as it is cost-efficient and also quite versatile for more seasons. They can also become blankets in the days. While the mummy bags wrap around your body and provide you the unmatchable warmth. They are mostly suitable for winter seasons.


Generally, the weight of double sleeping bags count between 5’lbs – 9’lbs which is quite heavy and the downfall is that only 1 person can carry it on his/her backpack while another trek around freely. But you can surely manage the weight by giving the other person heavier items to balance it.

Material and filling

Good Sleeping bags are generally made from high-grade nylon that is quite durable and tough. If we come over to their warming capacities, their filling is the thing to be concerned about. Some Bags are often filled with feathers or cotton (natural insulators) which are quite lightweight and provide unmatchable warmth but when wet, the sleeping bag is of no use. Another material that is widely used in most of the good quality sleeping bags is synthetic filling but in terms of providing warmth, they are always behind the natural ones. So brands often fill them in high quantity to match the warming capacity along with the durability and cost-efficiency that makes them perfect for the customers and adventurers.

Water resistance

Always do look out for the Water Resistance capacity of a double sleeping bag. Check out for its material if it’s made of high-quality camping grade polyester that repels the water. You don’t want to wake up half-drowned in water the next morning.

Season Ratings

Every Sleeping bag has the season rating which determines the seasons it can be used comfortably in. Always remember that for each extra season rating, you’ll need to shed off some extra bucks as the 3 Season or 4 Season 2-person sleeping bags are expensive for couples because they are more versatile and are manufactured that way.

You can select a good 2 season or 3 seasons Sleeping bag for you both by just analyzing your needs that if you’ll seriously want to camp during the ice-cold season or just go camping during the fall, spring or summer seasons that most of the affordable sleeping bags are made for.

Temperature Ratings

Every Sleeping bag comes with the ‘temperature tags’ that affect the cost of the bag. Generally, the sleeping bags with lower temperature tags like ’25-15 degrees Farhenite’ are expensive than the ones with a higher degree temperature tags. It means that you have to shed extra to camp comfortably during the winter.

Extra Comfort Features

Extra useful features come with a price tag and to justify their high price tags, brands often come up with some really useful modern features that you would not find in the inexpensive sleeping bags for couples.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) about 2-person sleeping bags:

Can Sleeping Bags be zipped together?

Most of the sleeping bags can be zipped together if they are of the same brand or the zippers of both the bags match enough to slide through each other. Just check out this feature before buying two individual sleeping bags or if you have one already, go buy the same brand again to easily join the two.

What should be the price of an overall good double sleeping bag?

You can get pretty good double sleeping bags for couples under $60 like the Sleepingo one if you seriously have a tight budget. But if you are looking for a sleeping bag to invest some more money in, then you can get a great 3-Season sleeping bag with all the features and under the price tag of $150.

What should be the ideal weight of the Double sleeping bag for Backpacking?

For backpacking, the lightest option out there will always be better. But with lightweight, the insulation power decreases especially with low budget Double sleeping bags so either go for an expensive one like Sierra designs (3.5’lbs) or just get one with good insulation and moderate weight ranging from 5’lbs-8’lbs if you are restricted with a low budget.

Is a sleeping mattress necessary below the Sleeping Bag or its just fine without one?

Generally on harder grounds where you don’t have much grass or the ground is rough, you’ll be needing at least a camping mat that cushions you down a bit along with insulating your bag from the below which most of the sleeping bag fail to do especially in winters, fall or spring.

What is the best Car Camping Double sleeping bag?

For car camping, there is a great advantage of you to buy a heavy-duty double sleeping bag without any worries about the weight. Heavy sleeping bags are recommended for car camping as you don’t have to carry and hike them to the top. Teton Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is the toughest, most comfortable and the best for car camping.


All of my camping experience for these past 7 years has taught me everything about the sleeping bags and what I have put in front of you under this article. I really care about budgets as its the first buying factor for a person so I made this list for the Best double sleeping bags for couples firstly on the basis of the various budget categories so that no person could be left without a great double sleeping bag irrespective of their budget.

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