5 Best Alcohol Stoves to Buy in 2019 | What is the Best portable Alcohol Stove?

5 Best Alcohol Stoves to Buy in 2019 | What is the Best portable Alcohol Stove?

A few days ago, I wrote an article about making your own DIY camping Stove so that you don’t survive on cookies, protein bars, and other ready-made camping meal replacement. Everyone, whether its the wilderness or their own houses love to cook tasty and fresh meals rather than surviving on the meal replacement which is also boring and non-adventurous. Stop being an Urban Robot and go find the Best Alcohol Stove to become your partner in every camping trip.

I believe, if you have come outside to experience the outdoors in a Camp then you should have all the cooking ingredients fully packed in your backpack along with a mini ultralight backpacking stove to cook anywhere anytime you want. Trust me, cooking in the middle of nowhere is an adventure in itself which is loved by all the campers and hikers.

5 Best Alcohol Stoves in 2019

Stove NameStove ImageSizeWeightMaterialPrice
Trangia Spirit Burner2.85" x 1.75" inches2.8.ozBrass$14-$15(buy on Amazon)
White Box Stove5.7 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches1.ozStainless Steel$$17-$19(buy on Amazon)
Solo alcohol stove2.9 x 2.9 x 1.8 inches3.5.ozBrass$19-$21(buy on Amazon)
Esbit stove + Cook set6.5 x 5.4 x 5.1 inches
14.5.ozBrass + Anodized Aluminium$60-$65(buy on Amazon)
Evernew Stove + Cook set4.7 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches
8.5.ozPure Titanium$95-$99(buy on Amazon)

Best Alcohol Stoves to Buy in 2019

Here, giving out to the best alcohol stoves an outdoorsman could buy with money. Not only the best on the market in 2019 but I have listed the most efficient, reliable and self-tested Alcohol stoves for both Low-mid Budget and High Budget range so that everyone could take away a stove leaving when they leave without hurting their pockets.

1. Trangia Spirit Burner (Low Budget)

trangia alcohol stove burner

You can find Trangia Alcohol Burner on every list you go through. This incredibly small, portable and lightweight stove is all you need to cook your tasty meals on your next trip. Irrespective of its size and low price, it is full of every feature an Ideal Alcohol Stove should have. Let’s take a look at its Criteria wise Review.

Weight: The weight of the Trangia burner is 2.8 ounces which is quite impressive for an ideal alcohol burner. For the fact that it can carry quite a good amount of fuel, extra accessories like a sealing lid, simmering ring etc, it’s impressively lightweight.

Durability: Generally, materials like Aluminium and Steel are used to make rugged and tough Stoves that could handle heavyweights cooking pots but here, brass is used as the soul material to manufacture the Trangia burner which as good as aluminum. Well, you ain’t gonna play baseball with this stove I guess.

Burner Design: The Burner design is what of a typical side flame stove which is good to increase the efficiency of the stove. It can boil 1.ltr of water in 8 mins which is great in terms of an alcohol stove. The flames come out of tiny holes around the stove to provide a constant wider flame to cover the whole surface of the pot. However, the burner takes about 30 seconds to bloom the desired flame.

Ease to Use: All the alcohol stoves are in fact easy to use because of their minimum functionality and features but this one broke the whole stereotypes at once. An alcohol stove that comes with all the features a consumer wants out of a stove is very rare. But the Trangia stove surprisingly comes with a simmer ring that allows you to control the intensity of the flame which makes it stand out.

Fuel Capacity: It takes about an ounce of alcohol to boil 1.ltr of water for the Trangia burner. It also has this amazing feature of twist back lid that allows you to shut off the flame and airtight the Stove so that you don’t need to empty the leftover fuel every time you finish cooking.

Fuel Variants: You can use a good variety of fuels ranging from gas, multifuel, gel burner to its ideal fuel i.e Alcohol spirits.

Stand and Windscreen Requirement: Yes, you do require a Stand and also a windshield to cook something comfortably. I would suggest you to go for a 2 in 1 Windscreen plus Stand like this one(Amazon) that’ll do the job perfectly.

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2. White Box Alcohol Stove (Low Budget)

white box alcohol stove burner

When you talk about Ultralight Stoves among the Alcohol Stoves that are already lightweight, you mostly get one name that is ‘White Box Alcohol Stove’. It is the simplest and most lightweight alcohol stove you can buy in the market right now. Let’s take a look at its criteria wise Performance.

Weight: White Box Alcohol Stove weighs less than an ounce which is as light as your phone’s charging brick. Isn’t that jawdropping?

Durability: However the material is not mentioned by the manufacturer but the White Box Alcohol Stove is ultra Durable as it boasts. I have personally used it for about 2 Years as a major part of my camping Gear and trust me, being an ultralight stove, It didn’t let me face any durability issues.

Burner Design: The Burner Design is quite simple. You just have to pour the alcohol inside and it will take about 45 seconds to bloom completely. The burner holes on the side let you put the pot straight on the top letting the flame escape through themselves. The burner, however, doesn’t come up with a simmering ring and will give you a constant normal flame that is absolutely fine as the flame covers the whole surface of the pot.

Ease to Use: It is the easiest among all the Alcohol Stoves on the list because of its minimal features and functions and its straight focus on providing a good flame and a robust design to handle the pot and cook you a hassle-free meal.

Fuel Capacity: It can carry enough fuel at a time to burn for approx. 20 mins. It can boil a liter of water in about 8-9 mins the stove can easily cook noodles along with the Tea or coffee for about 2 times at one go.

Fuel Variants: It can use Heet, methanol, ethanol or what we call the Denatured alcohol as a fuel type.

Stand and Windscreen Requirement: Any kind of stand or a separate windscreen isn’t required here. It can withstand a cooking pot on top of it and will work flawlessly. The manufacturer provides a windscreen inside the box so you don’t need to buy one.

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3. Solo Stove Solo Alcohol Burner (Low Budget)

Solo Stove alcohol 2019

The Solo Stove Alcohol Burner is the biggest and the best competitor to the Trangia Burner. Having all the same features as for the Trangia Burner, this is another Best choice on the list. However, people buy it with their native Gasifier Stove(Link to Amazon) as the combination is unbeatable.

Weight: It weighs less than 3.5oz and is a bit heavier than the Trangia Burner. However, this difference in weight doesn’t matter much if you don’t add the Native Gasifier Stove with it.

Durability: It is very durable as I have been using it for a few months now and I didn’t suffer any issues regarding its durability. Just to let you know, the soul material used to manufacture the stove is Brass.

Burner Design: It is the same as of the Trangia along with the sealing lid and side-firing holes that give it an efficient burning. You’ll also get the simmering ring that is a boon like for the Trangia burner. It will boil 1.ltr of water in about 5-7 mins which is 2 mins less than the Trangia burner. However, it’ll take slightly more time to bloom the flame.

Ease to Use: It is also quite easy to use as you just have to pour down the alcohol and it starts burning in about 50 seconds on its full flame. Just close the lid when you are finished cooking and use it in the evening to cook snacks without emptying the fuel.

Fuel Capacity: It can burn for about 20-23 mins on a single run when filled with the utmost quantity of fuel.

Fuel Varients: You can again use Heet, methanol and denatured alcohol here. But I would recommend its attachment which is bought by most of its consumers.

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IMP. NOTE: You should also get its native Burner from Amazon to partner up the both so that it can even burn twigs and wooden sticks if you run out of alcohol. It also acts as the actual burner’s Stand and windshield which makes it the best allrounder deal to buy a Solo Alcohol burner as you can also use it separately if you want.


4. Esbit Alcohol Burner cooking Set (Mid-High Range)

Esbit acohol stove and cook set

Esbit, one of the most renowned brands to manufacture outdoor kitchenware is back with an ultimate bundle of cookware every camper must have in his/her backpack. Now we switch the budget range to Mid-high to offer you some of the best Alcohol Stoves and the preferred cookware bundle altogether.

There’s a big advantage to buying special cookware for camping as they are relatively lighter, compact and camping friendly so you can’t use your standard sized kitchen pans in camping just to save yourselves some bucks.

To tackle this, popular brands like Esbit have come with a super-compact Alcohol stove and cookware set that actually takes a little space in your backpack to keep the whole kitchen inside for the campers.

Weight: The weight of the whole package including the cookware becomes 14.5.oz which is, in fact, surprisingly light even if you put together the lightest alcohol burner and the required camping cookware.

Durability: The Burner is made of Brass as the others in the list but the stand, windshield and all of the cookware is made up of special anodized Aluminium which is extremely light and tough at the same time. So you don’t need to worry about the durability of your whole camping kitchen set.

Burner Design: The Burner is designed similarly to the Trangia and Solo with the side-firing holes. It also comes with a simmering handle that allows you to control the temperature you want to cook your meal into. It also comes with a twist cap that seals down the fuel inlet so that you don’t have to empty the fuel every time. Just like the Trangia burner, it is full-fledged with features to become an ideal stove. It can boil a liter of water in about 6-8 minutes which is good enough for an alcohol stove.

Ease to Use: As it comes with the whole cooking set, a stand and also a solid fuel base that can be used to burn wooden sticks and twigs if you run out of alcohol, it seems to become a little complex to use but heads down to its simplicity, the whole cooking set together becomes an ecosystem and literally very easy to use.

Fuel Capacity: If we talk about fuel capacity, it is nearly the same for every alcohol stove. It burns around 20-25 mins at one go which enough to cook a meal at least.

Fuel Versatility: This Alcohol stove bundle from Esbit doesn’t miss a chance to impress all the consumers out there. Paying significant bucks from your pocket won’t hurt you if it starts boasting its features. There comes the solid fuel base along that can be replaced by the alcohol burner if you run out of alcohol. You can still use wooden twigs for the backup.

Stand and Windscreen: You don’t need a separate stand or a windscreen as the bundle already provides it.

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5. Evernew Titanium Mug Pot Stove (High Budget)

Evernew alcohol stove

Evernew, another big name among the avid campers for its outstanding products like this one which comes with a super-strong Titanium Stove burner, Durable Stand and Windscreen and at last, the specialized compact cookware for the same. Just like the Esbit, it offers a complete package for your mini camping kitchen but certainly for a higher price. Now let’s see if it can prove itself to be better than the Esbit Stove and prooves it worth fullness of extra bucks.

Weight: The weight of the whole stove bundle is about 8.5oz which is in fact 8oz lighter than the Esbit Stove bundle but considering its higher price, only 1 pot with the bundle and no solid fuel stand justifies it lightweight but with the sacrifice of some useful features along.

Durability: What can we say about its Durability? Everything in this stove from the burner to the mug pot is made up of Titanium. That’s how Evernew justifies its High price point over the others while in the competition.

Burner Design: Design of the burner is quite simple and old school which in fact loses all the points against the modern burners enlisted above. Nor it comes with a simmering ring and neither with the twist-on cap that seals down the fuel inlet. In terms of useful features, it lacks many and due to its high price, it breaks down our expectations.

However, the design of the burner holes is quite impressive that is not only different from others but quite well efficient and thrashes out strong flames that can boil 1.ltr of water in about 5 mins which is nearly unbeatable.

Ease to Use: It is quite easy to use and it surprisingly doesn’t upset its customers for its lack of features but a strong built quality, ultralightweight for backpacking, strong flame amazes the campers when they use it.

Fuel Capacity: As you cannot control the flame, it goes really wild and free so you need to test the stove out a few times to figure out the exact quantity you have to pour down according to the dish you wanna cook. Trust me, its a Jetboil Stove in the avatar of a cute Alcohol one.

Fuel Versatility: Just like the Esbit, you can always use solid, alcohol, HEET and alcohol-based fuel whatever you feel like using.

Stand and Windscreen: This bundle comes with A-Z components like the Esbit one. The Wooden gasifier stove becomes the stand and the windscreen together for the Alcohol stove here.

Imp Note: Though it’s been priced higher than most of the alcohol stoves around $90, it lacks a few helpful features like the simmering ring and the twist-on lid. Whereas, it provides the unmatchable experience with the intensity of flame, durability and its featherlight Titanium structure best for backpacking which become the solid reasons why most of the camping experts recommend this professional beast worldwide.

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Comparing all 5 Alcohol Stoves (Final Showdown)

Expert’s Pick

While all the Alcohol stoves on the list are quite popular among the avid campers and all the outdoorsmen often end up buying one of these. People around the web will suggest some of the best stoves but its all upon your budget at the end that decides the one. So practically, I like to recommend products based on one’s budget.

If I were to pick the best on the low budget then I would definitely go with the Trangia burner as it stands still on every feature and important factor one looks when buying an ideal alcohol stove.

But if you are an avid and frequent camper, don’t care about the budget and want to invest in something premium that’ll not only last forever but will provide you the best immersive cooking experience then go with the Esbit Alcohol Stove Burner.

How Alcohol Stoves are different than other Backpacking Stoves?

Alcohol Stove if compared to its rivals namely – White gas stoves and the Canister Stoves, turns out to be more convenient in all the ways an outdoors Man can judge it. Where White Gas Stoves are much heavier as they include a burner, a Pump and a separate Fuel Bottle when combined become a lot heavier (16-20 Ounces with empty bottle).And calling it a true backpacking stove would be injustice to the outdoor enthusiasts.

Another category of Camping stoves is the Canister one that burns a pressurized mixture of Propane and Butane. Well, It is quite lighter than the White Gas stoves but when it comes to its Metal Gas Cartridges, it becomes heavy if we include that too.

Well, you are going on a camping trip and you literally have to take care of the weight you are gonna carry at your back. We campers often sacrifice a few extra items from our camping checklist in order to keep the backpack’s weight balanced. So, why such an injustice with the Camping stove itself?

That’s where these popular alcohol stoves come handy and useful. If we come onto their advantages, well, they are alone enough to convince you to buy one immediately like their ultra-lightweight that goes from around 3 ounces to even 1 ounce. Doesn’t that sound really like you are carrying a camping stove that is as light as an extra battery for your torch?

You can use denatured alcohol, methanol or ethanol and all the three would work just fine. Alcohol Stove is the simplest to operate and would give you a nice and silent flame to cook those delicious stakes while sitting inside the lap of nature.

You just have to pour a little amount of alcohol inside and light up the burner. After the burner lights up in about 15-20 seconds, you can put the cooking pot and start cooking your favorite recipe.

Just to tell you about one of its biggest disadvantages, they take a little more time to cook things up because of its smaller and lighter flame. For Eg. Boiling 4-5 ounces of water can be a task of about 6-8 minutes whereas boiling the same quantity of water can be done under 4 minutes in other types of Stoves. What can I say? I personally think that its not our kitchen and nor it is a full-sized burner and nor you have this busy schedule that you’ll run late if the food takes a few minutes extra to get cooked. I think it’s just fine and it’s cooking time just doesn’t affect my love for an Alcohol Stove.

What is the Best Alcohol Stove Design?

There are a couple of Alcohol Stove Designs blowing different types of Flames. The best and most efficient Alcohol stove design is the ‘Side Flame Design‘ that lets the stove bloom the flames from hole on the sides. You can directly put a cooking pot on the top without any stand. It is the most efficient design as it saves the fuel a little more. You can find it on any of the best Alcohol stoves.

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Stove? Buying Guide for Beginners


Weight is the biggest buying factor for an alcohol stove. People buy Alcohol Stoves mostly for their lightweight. Weighing from just and Ounce up-to 4-5 ounces based on its fuel carrying capacity makes it ultra-portable and lightweight for comfortable backpacking.


Durability often comes from the soul material that is used to manufacture these Alcohol Stoves. Best of the Alcohol Stoves are made from either Steel or Aluminium. Because of their lightweight tendency and highly rigid quality, they are ideal for a portable stove that could handle heavy pots upon itself. Another material that attracts most of the campers is Titanium that is indeed the toughest one out there. But one of its major downfalls is that it adds some weight to the stove.

Burner Design

Burner Design for an Alcohol stove often gets the buyers confused as it is more of a Technical aspect in a simple stove. You just have to keep in mind that the Burner Design affects only the efficiency of the Fuel and the cooking power itself. Try to look out for a Stove that has the ‘Side Flame Burner Design’ which has small holes on the sides from which the Fire bursts out. It Doesn’t only spreads the heat on the sides of the pots but also is very fuel-efficient.

Easy to Use

Alcohol Burners are popular for their Simple Design and Ease to use. But some of them are comparatively difficult to use but not that much as the other types of stoves.

The Fuel pouring mechanism should be easy and simple. It should also have a Flame simmering Ring that allows you to toggle between high and low flame for higher cooking variations.

Some of the Stoves are way easier to use because they have a Fuel Tight cap that lets you close the lid whenever you are finished cooking. This won’t bother you to pour back the leftover fuel back to the bottle. You can resume the cooking whenever you want by just opening up the sealed lid.

 Fuel Capacity

Always opt for an Alcohol Stove that has a longer burning time. Irrespective of the same Fuel capacity of all the stoves, each stove will burn for different time duration depending on their fuel efficiency and Burner Design. Roughly, an ideal Alcohol Stove should burn for about 15 minutes for an ounce of Fuel. And an Ideal Stove should have at least 3 ounces of fuel carrying capacity.

Usability of Various Fuels

Wonder if you are accidentally out of alcohol and now you need some alternate fuel to survive the wilderness. Well, this type of situation and cases are rare and you should carry a decided amount of Alcohol along with you to the Camp. But if this kind of situation occurs, you can prevent the consequences by Buying a Stove that can also use.

These kinds of stoves are comparatively expensive and can use Gas or solid fuel like wooden twigs and dry leaves as a fuel to cook something instantly like a cup of Tea.

Stand Requirement

In some Alcohol Stoves, you’ll be needing a stand to put the pan or cooking pot above the Stove to easily cookout your food. I’ll have put down this particular specification on the list above if any of the stove needs to have a separate stand.

Windscreen Requirement

Many High Quality and popular Stoves come along with a windscreen to save your little silent flame from the storm or the high-speed winds that are common in the wilderness. If a stove doesn’t come with a windscreen just to cut down its manufacturing cost and to provide an attractive price by some brands, you have to purchase a Windscreen separately.


I have personally used all these stoves in my past years of camping and now when I put them on this list, I make sure I don’t miss a detail about my experience with all of ’em. While creating this guide to buy the Best alcohol stoves in the 2019 market, I personally believe that they all have been starts of my backpack for over a decade and I don’t regret using a single of one the beasts.

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