Best Tents for Couples 2019 | Ideal 2-Person Tents for every Budget

Best Tents for Couples 2019 | Ideal 2-Person Tents for every Budget

We often go camping with our Friends and families to have fun but now a days, couple camping is picking up the trend where couples go outdoors to dedicate a good amount of peaceful time to their significant other out of this everyday busy urban life. Camping for couples doesn’t stop just at living the fun and peaceful days in the lap of nature away from everyone they know, but its main motive is to rejuvenate the blurred love, understanding and compatibility between the two. I have seen people practicing this camping therapy to wash out all the problems in their love life and surprisingly, it works just fine every time.

If you are a couple and want to go out to test this beautiful nature therapy, you need to have that perfect gear needed for couples to camp with peace and love. One of the most important couple camping gear is the perfect Tent for couples. Below, you’ll find my own tested Couple camping Tents that are a good fit for all the couples who want to start exploring nature at its best together.

What to Look for when buying a Tent for couples?

Buying your camping tent is indeed a difficult task as you are about to jump into the pool of a million fishes to find a perfect one for yourself. Everyone will recommend different brands and would leave you confused for life. First of all, keep in mind that brands have nothing to do with the quality and features a tent provides you. There can be a hundred tents that fit in your budget and possess the same quality and features. This is the reason behind everyone recommending different tents. Its nothing to get scared about. Forget the Brands and focus on Budget, quality and features a tent provides. If you find 10’s of tents with the same quality level, you can then select any one of ’em randomly and it’ll do you justice.

There are a couple of things and buying factors that you as a buyer need to understand before actually stepping into the market and buying the best camping Tent for you and your partner. You need to read every buying factor carefully so that you can pull out the perfect couple camping tent from the list below.

1. Ease to Set up

The first thing you need to look for is its set up time. Lets say that you have trekked to the top of the mountain and you are hell tired. Now you want to set up your tent asap and put all your gear inside but when you pull out the tent outta your backpack, Pow! you sit back and grab your head after a while when you realize how difficult it is to pitch the Tent. I feel you are realizing what a person feels like under this kinda situation.

So we’ll be setting up a criteria that its easy to set up a tent if it pitches easily under 15 mins by a beginner.

2. Weight

Weight is another important buying factor when you talk about tents. An Ideal Tent should be lightweight as most of the people carry them on their backpacks to the campsite. But, with less weight comes the degraded durability and built quality which is another strong point to buy a tent.

How much a couple camping Tent should weigh? Calculating the ideal weight of a backpacking tent is easy. A lightweight backpacking tent should weigh around 2.2 lbs(1 Kg) per person. So, a 2-person Tent for couples should weight less than 2 kg’s. 

What we have to search for is the Ideal tent which is not too heavy to be carried on a backpack and with higher durability that can withstand the weather conditions easily.

You can also buy heavy and highly durable tents only if your goal is car camping and not backpacking. You can carry a heavy and durable tent in your car to the campsite and you are good to go. But for backpacking, you seriously need to have a lightweight Tent.

3. Size and Comfort

I know you are a couple and are looking for the best Camping Tent to pitch and live the peaceful nature together for a couple of days. Buying a Tent can be tricky when it comes to the size. Here, comfort is directly proportional to the size. Spreading out the legs along with your gear inside the Tent can be a little difficult when you fail to pick out the correct size of your tent.

You guys need to have a Tent that can easily fit you both along with your gear without any compromises. For that, you need to search for a Tent which is slightly larger than your own Height.

What size of a camping Tent does a couple need? Choosing the correct Tent size for couple camping depends on the height of the taller person. If the taller one is 6’ft then you need to have at least 7’ft lengthy Tent(1’ft larger than the person’s height). A couple sticks to each other while sleeping so it’ll take less space of about 4’ft after leaving a little space for the camping gear.

Extra Tip: If you want ample of space even after settling down with your gear then you can always go for a three person Tent. We have only reviewed 2-Person Tents here but that too the handpicked ones that have quite a larger area of space inside to make two persons comfortable without demanding more of it.

4. Durability and Built Quality

This is more sort of Technical perspective where you need to carefully check out for the material used in making of the tent. Durability doesn’t only depends on the materials but also on the shape and technology used in the tent to make it more weatherproof and windproof.

For instance, always look out for the material and fabric used in the Tent, material of the Tent poles, how they are attached and the also, design of the poles itself. This is more sort of a Technical perspective so you need an expert’s advice to check that. That’s why we have reviewed the Best Tents in different budgets most importantly on the basis of their durability. So we have only put down the Tents in the list which are highly durable and you can go for anyone blindfolded if you are confused about the materials and the durability.

Picking up the Best customer reviewed Tents worldwide in this list, we have also explained their durability mechanism in easy words to satisfy you with the guarantee of weatherproofing.

5. Ventilation

Ventilation is another general Buying criteria for Tents. Without ventilation, There are severe Suffocation problems due to different air pressures inside and outside the Tent. Also, condensation becomes a huge problem during the nights when the air outside is cold and the inside of the Tent is much warmer. What happens is that cold water droplets form on the inner walls of the Tents and fall over you and your gear the whole night making you and significant other uncomfortable to sleep.

6. Water Resistance

Water Resistance power of the Tent is another Factor that needs look around when buying a Tent for your camping Date. You don’t need Rains to pass through the Tent and drown your and your partner complete wet.

Many brands and Tent manufacturers boast about their Tents being complete water resistant but some of them don’t actually turn out to be. For that, we have to look out for the Fabric used to make them along with the other smaller details that often make way for the water to sneak inside.

By the way, we have kept this factor in mind while making the list of the Best camping Tents for couples. So don’t worry about the water resistance capability of the Tents below because we don’t want you to study everything and every aspect when buying a casual Tent. We experts are here for to help and these all Tents are completely water resistant.

7. Season wise Usability

No matter how avid camper you are, you ain’t gonna keep a different Tent for each season you go camping in. We need to look out for the Tents that are made Round season. They are often called 3 season or 4 season Tents in the camping industry. Whether it’s the rainy season, summers or winters, you should feel comfortable and safe inside the Tent.

8. Extra Features

Other than all of the above factors and criteria we should look for when buying the Best Tents for couples, some cool and useful extra features can be a cherry on the top. But you have to look out for these extra features after satisfying yourself with the above Factors when buying a Camping Tent for couples.

How we Categorized the Tents for Couples?

We have already explained every criteria and Buying factor that we need to look for when buying a Tent for camping. From the dimensions and weight to their built quality, we will review all the Handpicked Best couple camping tents around the world based on the above criteria and will pick out the Best among the Best.

Are you thinking that we’ll put all the Tents one after the another in the list and compare them according to the buying factors? Well, this could have been the whole procedure but it would only add another list of the Best Couple camping Tents on the Internet.

Unlike other reviewers, we wanted to make such a list that could really help the visitors find the perfect and Ideal Tent for themselves in every aspect. Most of the people forget about the people’s budget who are reading out their reviews and they often put expensive tents that indeed will be the Best that most of the visitors find out of their pocket size.

What we have done different is to understand the need and budget of the people so we made Two(e) Budget categories i.e 1: Low Budget Tents and 2: High Budget Tents. After searching for hundreds of Tents online and reading out 10’s of reviews for each Tent, we finally made a Review list reviewing 2 Best Tents in each budget category. This doesn’t only puts the Best camping tents for couples at a single page but also saves your Hours worth of research to find the ideal Tent at your budget checking all the buying factors above.

Best Tents for Couples in 2019 | Every Budget Included

We have prepared this list of the Best camping tents for the couples by researching and outreaching their actual buyers and taking their personal reviews for them. First of all, we selected over a 100 Tents that are Top grossing through the market and then looked out for their features and compared them on the basis of our 8-step criteria.

Then we were left with Top 30 Tents which passed our criteria Test. After that we divided all the 30 Tents into Two groups of different Budget category i.e Low Range and High Range. Getting the final 10 Tents in each category, we reached out their certified buyers to get their personal reviews. After a lot of research and comparison, we refined our Couple camping tent list with Two Best Tents in Each budget category. Now We’ll write down everything we know about all these Tents and allow you to pick out the best for yourself depending on your budget.

Low Budget 2-person Tents Tents for Couples

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman 2 person Tent for couple camping

Coleman, as you know is one of the most reputed brands worldwide that makes all the outdoor gear and items related to camping, hiking and what not. Being a brand of this level, it is popular among all the outdoor men and everyone has at least one Item form this brand. We have put this Tent under the list because of its much less price and the utmost quality you can get under this price range of $70.

Weight: It weighs around 8’lbs which seems to be quite heavy but when we reviewed other Tents under this budget that weighed under 5’lbs were lagging somewhere either in the built quality or dimensions which are always a big buying factor over the weight and you don’t wanna sacrifice them over a lightweight Tent.

Tip: Don’t worry, you both can divide the tent in two and easily carry on your backpack to your campsite.

Ease to Set-up: This Tent won’t upset you in terms of the ease to pitch it down on the ground. You can easily pitch the tent under 10 mins without even needing the help of your significant other.

Size and comfort: Don’t worry about the size, this affordable tent will let you relax in extreme peace along with your girlfriend and all the gear you want to put inside. Its a 7 X 7’ft Tent that can fit 2 people along with their Dog or Gear easily.

But there’s a downfall that it doesn’t fit a queen sized mattress inside it. Though it can fit the mattress striking the corners but I would recommend you having a full sized mattress instead of the queen one. With the height of 5’ft, it becomes quite roomy and breathable.

Durability and built quality: The Tent is surprisingly durable under this low budget. Its made up of Polyester mesh 75D which is strong and waterproof. The 8.5mm poles are made up of high quality fiberglass that won’t break easily.

Ventilation: It is quite well designed in terms of ventilation having a nice rain fly covering the ventilator so that you can easily live inside without any suffocation, humidity, condensation etc.

Water Resistance: This tent is completely water resistance with its 75D Polyester Mesh material and the Rain fly. You won’t get any water leakage issues even in the heavy rains.

Season Wise Usability: You have a small pocket and looking for something that fits in this extremely tight budget along with the best possible features. Then you should change this mindset as you have to compromise at least somewhere that makes you realize that you have bought something really affordable and cheap.

I am talking about the season wise usability. This Tent is a great fit for Summers, Spring, and early autumns but you can’t really use this in the winters as you’ll die freezing inside it during your winter camping sessions. Because of its breathable material and high ventilating capacity, it would freeze you during the winters and I won’t recommend if you are planning to buy it for the same.

Extra Features:

  • Nice and separated carry case

  • Adjustable ventilation flow

  • Easy two pole setup with shock-corded poles

  • Gear Pockets on the interior

Check out price (Amazon)


2. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent

Alps Tent for couples

Meramac Tent from the ALPS is probably the best under the low budget category that passes all our criteria successfully unlike the Coleman one which got failed under the ‘season wise usability’ and also had the dimensions a bit unorganized and made it congested to fit 2 people along with a pet and Gear inside.

Weight: This Tent by ALPS weighs around 9’lbs which is indeed 1’lb heavier than the Coleman Tent. As I told you above, under this low budget category, it is impossible to find a lightweight backpacking Tent that fits in all the Testing Criteria perfectly.

You can buy it blindfolded if you are planning a car camping trip rather than a backpacking one. Or again, you can split the tent in two and both can carry it on your backpacks to the campsite easily.

Ease to Set-up: It also pitches easily under 10 mins having the same Two-pole design as of the Coleman.

Size and Comfort: I personally want to give full marks to this Tent on the criteria of Size and comfort. First of all, talking about the size. Its dimensions are 6’6X7’6 Ft which make the up the base along with the height of 5’ft. This size distribution of the base is well organized so that up-to 3 persons can also fit comfortably inside the tent.

The floor is same as of the Coleman with 49’sq ft of area. But here it is organized better so that the tall people can easily spread their legs for the 6’6.ft long Tent. And 3 people can fit inside along with some gear under the 7’6.ft Wide space.

Inside this Tent, you can also fit the queen sized air mattress (if you have one) easily without striking all the 4 corners .

Durability and Built quality: The material used in both of the tents is same i.e 75D mesh Polyester so they provide nearly the same built quality along with the same fiberglass poles with aluminium ferrules that connect the poles together. It is quite well durable and can withstand the winds up to 25 M/H.

Ventilation:This Tent is indeed one of the most ventilated tents in the list. It has large windows on the 2 sides and 2 doors on the opposite sides with largest zippers. The ventilation is so good that you won’t feel sweat in the summers and humidity in the rainy season. The material is also breathable that puts 4 stars to the ventilation.

Water Resistance: The Whole Tent is coated with waterproof coating except the portion under the rain fly that needs to be breathable for good ventilation system. The Rain fly itself is of full size that means you won’t have any water leakage issues inside the Tent. This Tent is complete waterproof like the Coleman Tent.

Season wise Usability: This is an all season Tent which means that due to its high ventilation capacity, it is highly suitable for springs and summers but you can also use this Tent in winters as it isn’t that breathable that it will welcome the cold breeze easily inside.


  • shock corded fiberglass poles

  • Urethane coated full size rain fly with UV Rays and Rain protection

  • Pockets to store Gear

Check out Price (Amazon)


Low Budget Tents Comparison


Our Pick: Really Tight Budget? Get the Coleman. Got some Flexibility under a low budget? Get the ALPS.

There’s no Tent like the Coleman under the budget of 70 bucks and its minor downfalls are still acceptable under this surprising price range. This Tent will prove itself for you and you don’t need to stretch your budget a $40 more just to overcome some of its shortcomings if you really are at tight budget.

But if you still want to keep your Tent expense at a low budget and therefore can stretch the budget a $40 more to buy the best Tent in the lower segment then you should definitely go for the ALPS to cover all of the shortcomings of Coleman and to get an excellent Tent for a great price.

High Budget 2-Person Tents for Couples

Remember How we needed to compromise ourselves in the above section under the category of low budget Tents? Well, Like the expensive and luxury cars offer the most comfortable and effortless experience in return for the high prices, these Tents have the same scenario. Here, under the High budget Tent section we have these really expensive but highly comfortable and effortless Tents that just wows us every time we move outside to use them.

You can opt for these Tents only if you don’t bother about the budget and want he utmost quality, you are looking for something high end that needs only one time investment or you are an avid camper or an outsider who’s gonna use this Tent for Years coming through.

1.Big Agnes Fly Creek Tent

Big Agnes couple Tent

Big Agnes, one of the most reputed Brands for the most high end and expensive Tents has this Fly Creek model that is just unbeatable for its ultra light weight, quality, durability and what not. You would wonder how this Tent is about $250 more expensive than the last ones.

Well, you need to pay a really high price for Apple products and not for Xiaomi ones whereas both of them offer nearly comparative features but there’s always a great edge in the quality and all the features that apple carry in its products.

Weight: Let me surprise you with its actual weight. It weighs less than 3’lbs that is extremely light for a full fledged 3 person Tent. You can easily carry it on your backpack and you won’t feel a difference. This is because of its high-tech engineering and materials used. What makes the actual difference in the weight are the poles which are often heavy in the low budget Tents.

Here, DAC Featherlite NFL pole system is used to provide the strongest Tent and that too with ultralight weight.

Ease to Setup: It sets up buttery smooth in much less time under 8 mins. The guide provided is very simplified and easy to understand and a beginner can easily pitch the tent without any hiccups.

Size and Comfort: However, the actual size of tent is not mentioned on any of the Sites but I have used this Tent personally and being 6’2 ft in height I didn’t suffer any size related problems along with my wife and some Gear inside this tent.

However, for really good comfort you need to buy its footprint that is not included with this Tent. If you won’t wanna waste your hard earned cash on this expensive footprint then you can always replace it with a good quality Tarp like this one.

Durability and Built quality: At this point of high price, if this tent doesn’t provide you the utmost quality and durability then its totally not worth your money. But here, the Agnes Fly Creek doesn’t disappoint you. It is one of the best built Tent for two Persons an outdoor man has ever seen. So much  engineering, architecture and technology has been used to provide an ultralight experience that also enhances the room space due to its steep wall engineering and provides one of the toughest materials that withstand even high intensity winds and even rain storms easily.

Ventilation: For ventilation, Big Agnes has used some smart ways to tackle this requirement. Instead of putting windows here and there, this premium tent has made the roof top with high quality breathable Mesh. It smoothly works as a great ventilator to keep the condensation, humidity and suffocation away. Also, the mesh lets you enjoy the stars at night while cuddling comfortably inside your warm tent. Its a plus point for couples.

Water Resistance: As per its ability for water resistance, the Tent is coated and taped with polyurethane that doesn’t let the water come inside. If you are still worried about some water leaking inside the tent, you can still cover the whole tent with their amazing Rain fly that covers the Tent like a cocoon and also lets the tent breathe because of its unique architecture. The rain fly also stops the water from entering through the opened door.

Season wise usability: This is an all season Tent that can be comfortably used round the year for couple camping.

Extra Features:

  • Full coverage rain fly to shelter from storms

  • 1200 mm waterproof coating

  • 5 interior mesh pockets

  • super light aluminium J stakes

Check out Price (Amazon)


2. Marmot Tungsten UL

Marmot Couple camping tent

Marmot is another big name that manufactures some of the expensive and high end camping Tents for couples and family. Like the Big Agnes, Marmot’s Tungsten UL Tent is a Gem for avid campers like us. Its ultralight and durable engineering with thousands of satisfied customers together prove its existence in this list of Best Tents for couples in 2019.

Weight: Surprisingly, this Marmot Tungsten Tent just weighs 2.9’lbs which is ultralight even for a backpacking Tent. It actually weighs 0.1’lbs less than the Big Agnes which isn’t a considerable difference but yes, it wins the comparison here.

It also comes with DAC Featherlite NSL Poles like the Big Agnes but manages to cute even more extra weight.

Ease to Use: Marmot is also quite smooth to pitch and a single person can pitch it in around 10-12 mins.

Size and Comfort: As you are getting an ultralight 4 person Tent under the $400 price line, then why search for a 3-person Tent to easily fit a couple inside it along with some gear?

This Tent has the large cut advantage of having a nice floor area of 51 sq.ft which is massive and a couple can relax and chill in there with a bedroom like comfort with as much gear they want to put inside. You can fit a queen sized air mattress(link to Amazon) inside it leaving some space for the Gear to relax in the corner.

Durability and Built Quality: With the highest quality of stakes, poles and the nylon fabric, this Tent is as Durable as the Big Agnes and can easily withstand high intensity Rain storms.

Ventilation: They have given two large D-shaped Doors for easy in-out. The whole Tent is made up of a breathable Mesh which is an absolute delight as you won’t suffer with any problems related to suffocation and condensation.

You can always cover the tent with the Rain fly in winters to avoid cold winds and in rainy season to avoid any water leakage inside. Rest of the time, you can enjoy the sleeping in open experience while actually lying inside a secure Tent.

With Rain fly covering the whole tent, the ventilation will still be good because of its nicely designed air vents.

Water Resistance: The Rain Fly is again coated with polyurethane Tape and both the Fly and the floor have 1200 mm of waterproof Coating like with the Big Agnes. You can comfortably enjoy a romantic camping getaway with your significant other in a nice and dry couple Tent.

Instead of buying an expensive Footprint for the Tent, buy a good quality Tarp like this one from Amazon. Trust me, it works just fine.

Season Wise Usability: As I told you above, this is again an all season Tent which can be used during the Hot summers removing the Rain fly and letting the Tent breathe. In winters and Rainy season, you can always use the rain fly to get rid of rain water and cold breeze.

Extra Features: 

  • Two D Shaped Doors/Two Vestibules for Gear Storage

  • Lamp Shade Pocket Securely Holds Your Headlamp to Provide Ambient Light

  • Color Coded “Easy Pitch” Clips, Poles and Fly

  • Interior Pockets for Small Gear Organization

Check out Price (Amazon)


High Budget Tent Comparison

Our Pick: Both the Tents have been head to head in the comparison under the High budget category. But the Marmot Tent has a slight edge over the Big Agnes as it is quite more roomy along with the more head room and that’s totally because of its 4 person capacity that it boasts at this price point. If you are seriously looking just for a couple Tent for 2 then you can go for either of the two but if you are planning to buy a tent that can also fit 3 people at situations then you must go for the Marmot Tent and it is a better deal overall.


It was a delight to research over a 100 Tents to find the Best Tents for couples in 2019. These 4 Tents on different budget levels turned out to be the best among all the 100 Tents for couple camping. You can buy any of them according to your budget and use. We’ll keep bringing such comparison Articles about all the important camping gear so that you don’t need to search out the market with an empty head and jump in here on our website to buy the with ease.

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Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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