Most Reliable Camping checklist | Special couple camping Items added

Most Reliable Camping checklist | Special couple camping Items added

Penning down everything about camping and after surviving the outdoor trips like a pro, this one is the final showdown of all the important gears, useful items and everything that needs to be with you during that camping trip. You can call it an ultimate camping checklist or the definitive list of must have items on a camping trip, I have prepared it the way that it’ll become your one stop destination whenever you want to go camping and if you wonder where to start the preps.

From smallest of the useful items to biggest of the camping gear and fun items, we have it all here. Its upon you weather you find it useful enough to put it on your final camping checklist. Unlike those other checklist providers who just lay down the item names along with a check box on your screens, we have also provided you the ‘use’ of every individual item that we put down on the list. So that you can make decisions on striking out some extra items according to your own requirements and uses.

The Most Reliable Camping Checklist (83 must have Items)

master camping checklist

Important Camp Related Items

All the major Items and Gears you need to start off your camping trip. Every Item listed under this table is very important without which you cannot survive the wilderness.
Item No.Item NameLink To Buy (Amazon)Item's Use
1.Sleeping Bag

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Sleeping bag is one of the most important thing you need with yourself when spending night in the woods. Everybody has it on their list but many of them end up buying a wrong one. You need to look out for a high quality sleeping bag that is waterproof - Able to repel water droplets from entering inside to give you a comfortable sleep, All whether - Must be made up of special polyester that can be used in red hot summers and even in the coldest of the winters comfortably. I have this Mallo Me sleeping bag and I completely rely on it when sleeping in the wilderness.
2. Camping Tent

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Ever Imagined a camping trip without a Tent? Well it's possible if you are going for car camping but the real fun is in the classic tent camping where you setup the tent yourself and live the real wilderness. Tent is the place where you have to spend most of your time and it shouldn't go wrong.
You need a tent that is made of highly durable material that can withstand heavy rains and high speed winds. It needs to have good ventilation to tackle condensation problems if the weather is cool outside during the nights. And if you are 2 persons going out for camping then you need a 4 person tent to be comfortable in there especially when you live with all of your gear inside the tent.
This Coleman Tent stands all up on all the requirements like it did for me.
3.Sleeping Mattress

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You'll sleep inside a sleeping bag comfortably but what about the rest of the time you spend inside the tent? You won't like to be snuffed inside a sleeping bag all the time just to remain comfortable on the rough terrain. Here comes the Inflatable sleeping mattress to do the job. These sleeping mattresses are highly durable and easy to carry. They'll provide all time comfort by covering that rough terrain under the tent with a soft air cushion. Now you can sit, relax or have sex comfortably in there.
4.Folding camping chairs
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You know that you need chairs on any outdoor trip because you can't sit on the ground or inside the tent. Be it a sunset dinner or a normal evening coffee, chairs are must to have item on your camping trip. So make sure to add a pair of Folding camping chairs that are super portable and easy to carry along.
5.Folding camping Table

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You got the chairs but will you have your lunch or sunset dinners without a table? No, you need a strongly built folding able along to complete the chairs and to have a full packed camping trip with your girlfriend or friends.
6.Multi Purpose Tarps

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You seriously need Tarps on a camping trip as you don't know when you gonna need them. From a nice hanging shelter during rains to the base flooring of your tent so that no insects, water or anything else come inside. You can also use tarps to make a large outside mat to keep your gear and kitchen stuff. They can be used in variety of ways and you seriously gonna need them on this trip.
7.Para Cords

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When you talk about Tarps but miss out its complimentary partner - the para cords, you miss out more than half of the tarp uses right there. Para cords again can be used for variety of things like hanging the hammock off the trees or tarps to make a large shelter. These cords are of military grade and can be used as a tool to bind anything or whatsoever you feel its use. These are must in outdoors.
8.Waterproof Matches

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Matchbox is one of the most necessary items to put on a camping checklist. But people often get mistaken by buying those ordinary matchboxes. This isn't your backyard but the real jungle, so you need to be ready for any situation. Heavy rains and gear getting damaged are common things that happen during camping and you don't need your only fire starter to become wet or damaged. You can carry ordinary matches but I'll also recommend you to carry at least 1 box of waterproof matches for emergency. Trust me, its really worth it.
9.Survival Magnesium Fire starter

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Well, if you need something more solid, durable and an outdoors man thing then you can skip on the waterproof matches and get this amazing survival Magnesium Fire starter. It's really amazing and interesting on how you use this fire starter to create fire the pro way. You'll get a rock solid survival man's feel with it.
10.Good quality Hiking Backpack

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Another most important item to put on your checklist is the camping backpack. What should I tell you about the importance of a good quality backpack. You already know that you need to buy one. But here are the few important things you need to look when buying a camping backpack.
You'll be having numerous number of items so you need a backpack with maximum storage. Around 80L will be enough. Secondly, your backpack needs to be foamy and comfortable enough to save your back from getting strained. It should also have hip pockets to access the gadgets on the go without opening the backpack. Most importantly, it should be completely waterproof.
11.Portable survival AXE

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small tools like a paracord that we recommended above are must for camping. Another important one is a portable AXE that comes handy in multiple situations like collecting wood and tinder for campfire and more.
12.Sleeping Pads

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You can use sleeping pads in place of the inflatable sleeping mattress but the thing is that these are less comfortable than the mattress because of its much less cushioning.
13.Multipurpose Survival Knife

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Like the AXE above, here is the multipurpose survival knife for you. It can be used anytime in the woods if the situation demands it.
14.Inflatable Camping Pillow

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Just like the inflatable camping mattress, you need a few camping pillow that will make your tent super comfortable like the bed right there in your House. Isn't that amazing to have your bed in the middle of the woods? Its now possible with these camping pillows.
15.portable air pump

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You got the inflatable stuff but its useless without a portable air pump unless you have the massive lungs to fill those pillows and the mattress with them.
16. Portable solar charger

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This one again is a must. You can't rely so much on a power bank as it isn't enough to charge your cellphones, speakers and other gadgets all together more than once. To not to worry about the power consumption, you'll need a portable solar charger that can charge your power bank anywhere anytime during the day.
17.Headlamps or Flashlights

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At night, when you don't have lights facility on your campsite, you'll have to carry at least one flashlight or a headlamp along on this trip. I'll prefer headlamps as they don't keep one of your hands busy so that you can do the task easily.
18. AA BatteriesYou got some camping gadgets, but they are useless without the batteries. So add 'em on your list to remember to bring them along.
19.Campground MapYou always have the map of the city where you visit but most of the people forget to bring the map of the campground they are visiting. You are going camping but how will you come to know the interesting places to visit for sightseeing? With the map, you can keep track of the important features of the campground including the bathrooms, charging points and many other facilities a campground offers.
I would recommend having a map for each person who's going camping along with you so that if they mess up with the way to their campsite, they can open the map and navigate likely.
20. Lantern with Fuel

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A lantern is necessary when going out for camping because it'll light up your camp right from the evening to the whole night so that you can reach out to your gear or other things safely at night. It'll also keep insects, snakes, other reptiles and animals away from your camp.
21.Duct Tape

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Duct tape comes handy everywhere in fixing or attaching things. Its just another important tool you shouldn't forget to the trip.
22. Tent Repair kit

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People often mess up with their tents while assembling them. Even if you are an expert to handle tents, your tent can still be damaged in multiple ways if you are having some taste of bad luck these days. You can't get another tent right there and without a healthy tent, your trip won't take a minute to get ruined. For that, you need to have a good Tent Repair kit to avoid this situation.
23.Small hammer

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Like the AXE and the knife, you need a small and tough hammer along with you on this trip. You don't know where you need pops up.

Optional Camp related Items

These are the optional camp related items that depend on your requirement. You can buy them according to your personal needs
Item No.Item NameLink to Buy (Amazon)Item Use
24.Military Grade Hammock

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You would thought why didn't I put Hammock in the main checklist. The answer is that you can easily survive a camping trip without a hammock and I didn't want to put one more item to strain your budget that solely depends on your wants. If you would love to hang inside a hammock for stargazing with your significant other like everybody does, then you should really go for a military grade one that can handle your weight easily.
25.Portable Dehumidifier

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People often suffer with condensation problems inside their tent that really becomes a big problem at nights when its cooler outside. tiny water droplets form on the inner walls of tent and fall upon you and your gear to easily irritate you. You can use this portable dehumidifier that does an amazing job in clearing out the humidity inside.
26.Dry Bag

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If its the rainy season, then these waterproof dry bags are must. You should really buy one to keep all the electric gadgets along with the gear that you really can afford to get wet. These bags are super cool and useful and have immense storage space. One bag will do the job for you. Just keep your electric gadgets inside the bag and keep the bag inside your main backpack to keep them super safe even in heavy rains. If you hang the dry bag outside the backpack, then also you won't have any leakage issues.
27.Camp Rug

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You can keep a nice camp rug at the entry of your camp to avoid mud from entering inside the Tent or the tarp floor outside.
28.Artificial Tinder

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I would recommend this artificial Tinder packet solely for the ones who are new to camping. Lighting up a campfire is difficult at times even for the ones who are experienced at it. Grab a packet of artificial tinder to start the initial fire that can burn down the hard wood easily.


Kitchen Items

Under this Table, I'll be putting all the camping Kitchen needs. From the utensils and stove to tiny ingredients and tools you will definitely need out there on your camp, I have it all covered in the list.
Item No.Item namelink to buy (Amazon)Item Use
29.Portable Cooler

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A camping trip is empty without Beer and Meat. To store them properly along with other perishable items like milk and cheese, you need a good camping cooler.
30.Burlap Bags

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You can't take along 2 camping coolers, one for meat and drinks and the second one for vegetables and fruits. To tackle the situation, you can carry these cheap burlap bags, damp them in water and hang 'em on a tree branch along with fruits and vegies inside them.
31.Bear Canister

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You should always get fully Bear proof when going for outdoor camping trips. If your campsite is prone to Bears then you must get these Bear canister to store your food items. Bears can't open them and hence, your food is saved and you won't starve to death.
TIP: Keep the bear canisters away from the tent to save yourself from the Bears
32.Stove & Fuel

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Purchase a nice little Camping stove for lifetime. Its a kind of gadget that every camper should have in his gear list.
33.Frying Pan

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Get a small size Frying pan for the camping purpose only. Don't bring along that full size Home kitchen's pan.
34.Cooking pot

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Just check your nearby supermarket for a mini size cooking pot to cook tea, coffee and other food dishes.
35.Plates & Bowls

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You are in the wild, that doesn't mean that you are gonna eat straight from the cooking utensils. You can bring along Plates and bowls to have a nice home like meal.
36.Compact Camping Spatula

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I'm sure you ain't gonna cook or stir in your meal with your hand or a stick. You seriously need a small sized spatula to cook food.
37.All-in-one Fork, spoon, knife

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This one is a great space saver as it's just like a swiss knife but instead of tools, it has forks, spoons and sharp knife inside it. It's a must have item on your list.
38.Coffee Mugs

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The pleasant mornings inside the woods is nothing without a cup of coffee in your hand. You can also use these mugs to drink wine if you don't wanna bring those fragile wine glasses along.
39.Water Bottles

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You don't have a water purifying system placed here that you'll open the tap and a nice glass of water will be filled up for you to drink. You seriously need good quality military grade water bottles to keep yourself hydrated with cold water during this tiring camping trip.
40.Washing spongeA normal sponge to wash your utensils.
41.Utensil Washing gelIt can be found in every household.
42.Dish TowelA small piece of towel to dry up the utensils.
43.Trash BagsYou got some leftover food in your plates. You can't throw the food anywhere as it's strictly prohibited because it makes the beautiful campground dirty. so, you need a bunch of trash bags to pack the leftover food and then throw it in the campsite dustbins when you leave for home.
44.Cooking OilJust buy a tiny bottle of whatever cooking oil you use at home.
45.Food IngredientsYou know your favorite dishes and meals better than me. So, pack all of the ingredients like spices, sugar, flour etc in a plastic container.
Small plastic containers for oil, spices, and other camping related fluids.

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Optional Kitchen Items

The list above included all the must have kitchen items for a camping trip and this tiny list includes other kitchen items you can take along to enhance the whole experience.
Item No.Item NameLink to buy (Amazon)Item Use
46.Wine Bag

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If you are a wine lover and can't skip wine even at a single dinner then these Wine bags are a fortune for you. You Don't need to carry fragile wine bottles along, just pour down the whole bottle of wine inside a wine bag and your wine is safe and good occupying much lesser space in your backpack.
47.Portable coffee Maker

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Fond of coffee but too lazy to hand beat it then you can take along a portable coffee maker if it fits into your budget.
48.Portable Camping grill

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Everyone's a fan of barbeque grills and especially during the camping. I should have put this camping grill in the must have list above but still, its completely your choice if you want to cook the real meat and enjoy the trip more.

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A packet of charcoal to put inside the Barbeque grill.


Health and Personal Hygiene

Here comes another important category of items without which you cannot survive an outdoor trip. You have already cared about your comfort and facilities but what about the most important thing? I'm talking about your health and hygiene that you should care about the most.
Item No.Item NameLink to Buy (amazon)Item Use
50.Hand SanitizerYou don't have enough water to wash hands all the time they get dirty. So get a bottle of hand Sanitizer to clean your hands on the go.
51.Toilet paperToilet paper roll is must to wipe your ass in the woods.
52.Portable Toilet

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You seriously need a high tech portable toilet if you are an avid camper. You can't poop anywhere in the woods as it is very unhygienic and can cause serious diseases. I have reviewed the best and most affordable camping toilets in another article about Best camping toilets 2019.
53.DIY Portable ShowerCheck out our DIY Guide!Most of the campsites don't have defined bathrooms so you need to carry one yourself. There are many options for camping showers but I'll suggest you to make one yourself. Just because its too easy to build and would save you a bundle of bucks, I have recently written a DIY guide on How to make a camping shower. Go check it out.
54.Privacy enclosure Tent

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Now you have your own camping toilet and shower but there are other campers around you and you are in the need of extreme privacy at least to bath and poop. For that, you can buy this amazing popup tent that's so easy assemble. It just pops up and builds you your own private bathroom.
55.Toothpaste/ToothbrushYou ain't a lion living in the jungle. His teeth his yellow but you can't afford to have yours too during this trip. Personal hygiene is mandatory no matter you are staying at a posh Hotel or just in the woods.
56.Disposable Hand wash paper sheets

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You can't you sanitizer all the time. When your hands get dirty in the mud or dirt, only a hand wash will help you out that situation.
57.Fast Drying Microfiber Towel

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A quick drying towel to help you get dry after bathing, washing etc.
58.First-aid box

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Like First-aid box is necessary in cars, scooters and everywhere, its also necessary here on this camping trip as the wilderness is more dangerous than all the other places where the first aid box is mandatory.
59.Sanitary PadsSanitary pads for women who are and will be on their dates during this trip.
60.Shower Gel/SoapShower gel or soap to cleanse your body thoroughly as you'll carrying many disease carrying bacteria on your body
61.shampooI can't live a minute with all the dirt in my hair and this is the most irritating thing I go through while camping every time. If you are like me then please remember to carry a small bottle of shampoo along.
62.Mosquito/bug repellent

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Mosquito and bug repellent is necessary on a camping trip like this where you'll encounter numerous types of bugs carrying different skin allergies and diseases. allergy creamYou can get any sort of skin allergy due to some unknown plant or insect so keep a skin allergy cream in your backpack.
64.Snake Bite Kit

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Did you know that there's also a snake bite kit in the market for the outdoor men like us? I also didn't know until I was recommended one. Please keep one along with you when camping as some snake poisons are so quick that you can't reach the hospital on time being in the outskirts of the city.
Check out my article on How to treat a snake bite with a snake bite kit.
65.Mosquito Net

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Mosquito net will help you sleep in peace and protect you from flies and bugs at the same time. Just cover your tent with a mosquito net before the sun sets and you are done.
66.Ear Plugs

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Ear plugs are really important especially when you are sleeping in the wilderness. You don't know what insect or reptile you come across out there. After sealing out the tent, wrapped in the mosquito net, elevating the tent floor with tarps, you still need to put on the ear plugs for full precautions.

Camping Friendly Clothing

Like You need special Gear to go out there and enjoy camping at its best, you need special clothing for uncertain conditions that the nature puts against you while camping. Here's the complete checklist of Clothes, footwear and accessories that make the experience more comfortable and healthy.
Item No.Item NameLink to Buy (amazon)Item Use
67.Waterproof Rain Suit

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Woods mostly experience rainfalls and that too untimely rainfalls so you need to be packed against those situations. Get a high quality Waterproof suit for everyone who comes along with you to this trip.
68.Waterproof Leg Gaiters

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Waterproof Leg Gaiters are a fortune for all the campers. They not only save us from snake bites but also save our pants from getting dirty in mud when we Trek around.
69.Merino Wool Sweater

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Merino Wool is known to be a waterproof wool. The sweaters made from it are not only warm but when wet, they won't allow the water to seep inside and decrease the chances of Hypothermia which is the most dangerous situation for an outdoor man.
70.Water Repellent Rain Proof Jacket

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If you don't want to bring a rain suit along, you can buy a good quality Water repellent Jacket that look cool at the same time.
71.Moisture wicking Underwear

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Moisture wicking underwears for both men and women so that the moisture doesn't irritate your skin once it reaches your underwear.
72.Full sleeve shirtAt least a single full sleeve shirt is really necessary to save you from bugs and mosquitoes during the days and nights.
73.woolen cap(If Winters)Don't forget your little warmth provider to this trip.

Items for Games and Activities

You can't stare at each other sitting inside the tent all the time. Can you?
So, don't forget these basic time killing but interesting items to have fun while camping.
Item No.Item NameItem Use
74.BooksWho doesn't like to read books laying in each other's arms? I do. Make sure to take at least one book from your wishlist to read together.
75.Bluetooth SpeakersCamping without music isn't fun. Don't forget to throw in your cute little bluetooth speaker.
76.Notebook & PenA notebook & Pen for anything you like to write or draw.
77.Board GamesClassic Board games are fun. Take one along if your have enough space.
78.Playing cardsWhen you get serious bored and its nothing to do. The time is to call out the playing cards. They'll always kill your time the right way.

A Definitive Checklist for Couple Camping | All the special items for Couples

Special Items for Couples

The couple who camp together, stay together. This is the tagline of our blog and again we are hare to give couples a special listing of romantic camping items that could be added or replaced by the ones in the general camping checklist.
Item No.Item NameLink to buy (amazon)Item Use
79.Double Sleeping Bag

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Just like the single sleeping bags, Double sleeping bags are especially made for couples. Imagine the warmth and coziness you both will get in the cold nights together.
80.Double Parachute Hammock

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Become a couple camper if you are not. I'm saying this because nothing feels better than going out for camping with your significant other. Here's the double hammock for you both to enjoy stargazing together.
81.Double Folding camping chairs

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Twin Chairs with no wall in between is what a couple enjoys the most. Sitting together against a campfire with a blanket and a beer along is the best feeling.
82.Love Pie Maker

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Everyone loves yummy pies while camping. Here's an exclusive love pie iron for the couple just to give a romantic tinge to your food.
83.Double Drive bicycleEvery campsite has many things to explore and people often carry their bikes to drive along the campground for fun and adventure. Here's a double drive cycle for the couples.


This was the Biggest and most reliable Camping checklist you can’t find anywhere else. I have taken care of nearly everything that I put on my list before going camping. And my experience out there is always so smooth and comfortable because of all the items I take along. I enjoy camping like a pro and don’t compromise with things just because I’m in the wilderness. This couple camping checklist is most reliable because I never had any issues regarding some missing item on my trip. Hope it goes the same for you.

Virat singh

Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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