8 Most Brilliant Camping gift Ideas for Couples who love outdoors

8 Most Brilliant Camping gift Ideas for Couples who love outdoors

Camping can be a quite challenging but fun activity to do if you are a fan of outdoors. But If you plan it with your opposite other, the things change as the purpose and the hurdles change a bit. Now you are camping with your girlfriend or Boyfriend for the first time and this could make or break your relation depending on how you’ll be able to handle small hurdles and make it a peaceful and fun thing to do. The chances are 50/50 to spoil the camping trip or use it to increase the understanding and love testing your compatibility at every step during this trip.

Did I really scared you? No, I didn’t mean to do so. A few Years back, I also went on a camping trip with my girlfriend and guess what!, It turned out to be a disaster and spoiled both of our moods because of the discomfort and our contradicting thoughts to perform anything out there. It also lead to a massive fight but everything settled down gradually. I don’t want it to be happened with you guys that’s why I have written this article to recommend you the important and life saving things you can gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend or even another couple who is planning to go out for a camping trip. These gifts can actually inject a lot of romance, ease and health to your camping trip bringing you guys closer and increasing the compatibility.

8 most interesting Camping Gift Ideas for an Outdoor Couple

These are the handpicked camping gift ideas for couples who wanna induce More love, compatibility and Fun to their camping trips. I had prepared this list before my second attempt to go out camping with my fiance and to make sure that everything goes great. And Guess what? It did. This trip was full of romantic experiences and fun we lacked earlier.

1. A Double Hammock for romantic stargazing

couple camping gifts

Looking for a Hammock for Two but don’t have an idea on how to buy one for yourself? Don’t worry. We are already here after searching for the best Double hammock in the market.

First thing is to look for its material and if its durable enough to handle you both or not. This Wise Owl Hammock is made of Military grade 210T Parachute Nylon that can handle up to 900’lbs of weight easily.

Second thing is to look out for its size to fit you both comfortably inside. It is 10’ft long and 6.5’ft wide to make your stargazing extremely comfortable and romantic.

2. A Double Sleeping Bag to cuddle and sleep together

Camping sleeping gear for couples

We have also recommended this epic Double sleeping bag in our earlier article about best camping gear. You can find a 100 sleeping bags on stores but this one from Mallo Me will stand upon all of your expectation eliminating all of the common problems people face inside a sleeping bag.

This one is made of special polyester that is waterproof and won’t let even a single drop of water to seep inside even when the condensation occurs during the nights.

You can sleep inside it comfortably from the hottest to 8 degrees of cold weather.

The side zippers are prevented from getting unziped when you sleep like a kid by special dedicated straps on the sides.

And the most important thing is that sleeping together makes the memories even more romantic so why sleep alone when you got this cool double sleeping bag(available on Amazon).

3. Inflatable Sleeping Pad with fairy lights for the romantic nights

camping gift ideas for couples

Is the couple going by their car to the campsite? If yes, then you can give them this extremely romantic Idea to sleep inside the car itself while getting the outdoor Tent feeling without the headache of installing a tent and stuff. You can gift them this highly comfortable Camping Mattress(available on Amazon) that can be easily laid down by opening the boot door and folding down the rear seats. It will make enough space for the two to relax on their home like mattress and spend the romantic nights without any hiccups. For extra Romance and beautiful nights, you can also gift them a pair of fairy lights that could be placed on the ceiling with a tape and light up their world for those camping nights.

Remember that these complimentary fairy lights are not those ordinary Christmas lights but made especially for great photographs and couples to create an environment of love.

4. Perfect coffee mugs for the couple

Coffee Mugs have always been in the trend to be gifted to the couples. So why we stay behind and not include the Best Coffee mugs for a camping couple. Here are the beautiful and really amazing Coffee mugs(link to Amazon) you could gift to a couple who’s going out for camping.

These mugs will always bring them closer each time they see what’s written on them.

5. Impressively Romantic Love Pie Maker

love pie to gift couple campers

This one is a cute surprise and a small bundle of love for the couple who’s going outdoors for camping. No camping trip is complete without the mouth watering Pies. And when we talk about Pies, we have brought here a lovely surprise gift for the couple who’ll cook together these heart shaped pies and spread the love even through the food.

This Love pie maker can be used as the secret tool when your girlfriend gets upset due to some issue out there. You just need to make some lovely heart shaped pies and see how you turn up their mood.

6. Double Drive Bicycle

classic dual bicycle for couple camping

This one here is the most interesting gift you can gift to a couple. No matter what their likes and dislikes are, they’ll love this old school dual drive bicycle. It will no only fill their trip with some fun and adventure but will generate a whole new experience of driving a double pedal bike together. Get this old school Dual drive Bike here on Amazon.

It is very useful in exploring the vast distances of the campground easily. Most of the campgrounds have special Bike paths built inside to give you the best experience of the scenic beauty on a bicycle.

7. Motorola’s 23 miles 2 way Radio set

motorola radio set for outdoor couple

This one here’s indeed the most useful gift you can give out to a couple for more safe and feasible camping trip. A trusted brand name Motorola is sufficient to trust on this product. Its 23 mile range can help you guys keep in contact to each other no matter how far you guys go in search of Firewood and other useful materials. You guys can easily push and talk to each other without any hassle when trapped in some problem. I remember how useful it proved to us when my fiance fell in a mud pool and got stuck in there. Through this Radio set, I reached there immediately to help her. Without it, I would have been searching her the whole night and something worse could have happened. Its a life saver gadget, Don’t miss out to gift the couple this useful Motorola Radio set from Amazon

8. Your non Breakable Wine bottle

Wine bags

Wine is said to be the combination of class and romance no matter whether indoors or outdoors. I have also told you earlier in the previous post on how to carry your booze in a portable cooler as no camping trip is complete without some booze. But when it comes to wine, it is especially recommended for the couples as it is the most suitable drink for this situation. Remember that wine is not stored in a cooler so we have to find another way to keep it safe till we reach the camp.

Imagine, you just kept the wine bottle in your backpack and when you reach out there on the campsite, the wine bottle is already broken spoiling all the gear kept inside. your trip is over right there.

To tackle this problem, we have come up with these super cool Wine Bags that are capable of holding one full bottle of Wine. These bags are B.P.A free and are very durable and feasible to carry along.

I hope these Wine bags get you the perfect romantic Getaway.


These were the most useful gadgets you can gift to a couple on their first camping trip together. We have selected these amazing camping gift ideas for couples to provide them the ultimate experience they can have during that trip avoiding any disputes or fights. And if they end up on a fight, we also have these cute gifts to make turn them happy in a click. From really useful to highly romantic, you can gift them anything you loved in the above list.

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Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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