what to do when Camping in the Rain? Rain Camping Hacks, Tips and Checklist

what to do when Camping in the Rain? Rain Camping Hacks, Tips and Checklist

Are you planning to go Camping this Weekend? Is it gonna Rain because of the Forecast says so? So You have decided to go Camping in the Rain at any cost. Maybe Yes, but you shouldn’t neglect the Wet conditions as it can cause a Great mess during your camping and you can end up cancelling everything and come back home or maybe destroying up your gear or hurting yourself and other multiple consequences. This is due to the unfamiliar and harsh Rainy conditions out there you have never experienced while camping before.

So, you have landed on this page searching for the Best Tips to camp in the rain that could help you tackle those strange and wet conditions not with an ease(to be truthful) but with far more convenience. Camping on a good sunny day is so much fun but camping in the rain can turn into a disaster at most times.

So this Guide is all about Having fun while camping in the rain and tackling the different hurdles that come in your way especially in Rainy conditions.

So, we have prepared 3 different bunches of the Tips, Hacks and the ultimate Checklist to simplify the whole camping process by putting up the prevention tips at first to get ready ahead of the time for that messy Rainy Day along with the Hacks that will help you to handle anything the smart way if you mess up something during camping in the rain. At the end, we have prepared the whole Checklist of the products and tools you have to carry along to spend the Day camping with ease.

What to do When camping in the Rain? All the Tips and hacks you need to know:

  1. Select the Higher grounds for the campsite
  2. Tarps and Paracords will be your best partners
  3. Preventing the camping gear from getting Wet
  4. Waterproof the electronic gadgets properly
  5. Save yourself from getting wet with Waterproof clothing
  6. Right cloth selection to pack for that cold Rainy Camping
  7. Avoid outdoors and have fun doing indoor activities
  8. Always Camp at a distance from the Trees
  9. Hacks to Dry down your wet clothes and Gear
  10. Light up the campfire like a pro using the wet fuel
  11. Prevent the Rain water to collect at the Tent floor

8 survival Tips for Camping in the Rain

1. Always Camp on the Higher Grounds

choosing the correct campsite is the First and most crucial step towards a safe and Dry camping experience. Higher Grounds and elevated surfaces are recommended when camping in the rain as the water doesn’t collect there and you won’t wake up in a water pool the next morning. Also avoid the River Beds or river valleys for the camp as the rain can cause a flash flood in no time and it’s the biggest risk to camp on the Riversides.

2. Bring Along the Tarps and Paracord

You all know what you need whenever it’s raining and you are out. A shelter! Yes, but we don’t have any kind of shelter on the open grounds and we can’t rely on the dense trees to secure us and our whole gear from getting wet under the wrath of nature. Here the Tarps come handy to make a Big enough shelter no just to save your gear from the rain but also to chill and enjoy the rain while lounging under the shelter.

Tarps to survive the rain while camping

Multiple Tarps will come handy when it comes to survive the Rain camp with ease. We bought these Good Quality but Affordable Tarps from Amazon when we first went to camp in the Rain. These Tarps can be used for multiple purposes illustrated below:

To shelter the Camp: What you have to do is to find 2 trees and make sure they are at a good distance as you have to make a large Shelter using the Tarps and the Cords. Tie up a military grade Paracord tightly to the Trees just above your actual height so that you can roam under the shelter without continuously stressing your back to bend. After tying the paracord to the respective trees, it’s time to lay over the Tarp to that one Cord running from a tree to another. After that, you have to keep the tarp in tension to form a hut type structure. For that, you have to tie a few cords to the 4 respective corners of the tarp straight to the Ground with the help of these Plug sticks form Amazon.

Overhead Tarp shelter for rain camping

Now you can keep all the gear and the cooking setup under the shelter along with a few camp Chairs and a tent without worrying about the Rain.

Camp Flooring: You don’t want to survive your camping walking over a mud pool and getting your Gear dirty and messed up. To tackle this situation and to build a nice waterproof elevated flooring, you just have to fold up a multiple Tarps to make the flooring thick enough so that the water doesn’t find it’s way inside the shelter. You have to bring along a good number of tarps to cover the whole surface under the shelter.

3. Saving your Camping Gear from getting Wet

What if the Rain strikes without a warning or it comes while you are in the middle of building up your shelter? You’ll run straight to your camping gear and will try everything to save it from getting wet.

What if the Gear, Tent, clothing, electric gadgets and the Food is already packed inside a Highly durable waterproof backpack?

Yes, we are talking about waterproofing everything until the shelter is built to open up the gear and spread it under the shelter and enjoy. With Waterproof Camping bags, you don’t have to worry about your Gear getting wet and could let the backpack bath in the Rain for as much time as you want and your Gear would be safe and dry meanwhile. Here are some High capacity Waterproof Hiking Bags that can fit all of your gear including your Tent, Tarps and all other material safely inside.

Here are some Affordable options for the Superior Quality Waterproof backpacks on Amazon you can check out right now:

MOUNTAINTOP 80L Outdoor Sport Water-Resistant Hiking Backpack

This one here is a Beast of a Backpack with surprisingly useful features you’ll ever need for a successful Backpacking.

Storage: It comes with a whopping 80L of storage where you can fit in all of your stuff you have brought for a successful Camp. From your Tent to your Food, everything can go into it. I recommend this one if you are tired of carrying several Backpacks for Camping.

Waterproof 80L bag for caamping in the rain

Features: It has a bunch of quite useful features that a Hiker or an outdoor man needs.

  • It comes with a Hip Belt pocket that fits at your waist and you can access your on the go gadgets without opening up the Backpack repeatedly.
  • The cushioning effect is highly comfortable for the back and won’t strain your back when carried for a long time.
  • It has special Bladder pockets to Fill in water to keep yourself hydrated on the go.
  • Made up of Waterproof Fabric that repels the water like a beast.
  • Special elastics at the outside to hook up your tent and sleeping bag with ease.

price: It Prices around $80 which is indeed a great and affordable price for such a Waterproof backpack having 80L of storage you won’t find anywhere at this price tag.

<<Check it out on Amazon>>

FE Active – 30L Eco Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

This one here is an example of High quality engineering. When it comes to waterproofing, no backpack can beat this one out here as it is made of 5mm Military Grade Tarpaulin which is Eco friendly and PVC certified to repel water like a pro.

Storage: It comes with 30L storage and it is the only drawback. But you can still fit in all the stuff and Gear hooking the Tent and the sleeping bag outside.

Features: This one lacks the creative features that the above option holds. But it is a true example of an ideal Camping Backpack that is super Waterproof.

  • Highly comfortable back support cushioning
  • Come along with special hooks to tie up Tent, sleeping bags or Tarps easily
  • A zig-zag net at the rear to hold on the go Water bottle or other food items.

Price: It costs less than $40 which is highly affordable and best option for the people with Low and restricted budget. Less storage capacity and less creative features reduces it’s cost to 40 bucks but it is highly recommended if you want a Highly durable Waterproof Backpack to hold all of your Gear safely.

<<Check it out at Amazon>>

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

This one here is a different kind of Bag. As you would have understood from it’s name that it has been made completely for kayaking and rafting where the water hits you like a beast. This Floating Bag here is recommended to increase the storage space if you can’t fit in all of the Gear in the above backpacks.

You can chose among the variety of options(5L/10L/20L/30L/40L) according to your need to carry an additional storage along with your Main Backpack. This one is also waterproof and will repel out the water like no other.

Price: This Amazon bestseller will cost you from $10 for 5L Pack to $24 for a full 40L Dry Bag.

<<Check it out at Amazon>>


You have waterproofed your every Gear by sealing it inside a reliable Waterproof Backpack. But what about the Tent and Sleeping bag that is tied outside on the bag? You have to buy a Rain cover like this one so that they don’t get wet and you’ll have another layer of waterproofing at a small cost.

If you want to Waterproof everything that comes under the word ‘Gear’, then get this silicon waterproof spray from Amazon and spray it on your clothes, Tent, Sleeping Bag and other useful Gear you want to keep Dry.

4. Ensure that the Electric Gadgets are Dry

When it comes to waterproofing something, then the first thing that comes in our mind is to save our Electronic Gadgets before any other thing. This concern is right and you need to ensure that your electronic gadgets like a bluetooth speaker, Torch, LED Lamps, camera etc are Dry and safe.

I would recommend you to purchase a dedicated Dry Bag just for them. We have recommended this Dry bag above also. You can buy a 5 Liter varient for $10 to store all your electronic gadgets safely inside a sealed waterproof Bag.

5. Quality Waterproof Clothing to stay Dry during outdoors

If the Rain strikes without a knock when you are outdoors then waterproof clothing is a must to wear if you feel like the Rain will hit anytime. You know the Rain is about to come or it is presently Raining but you don’t wanna restrict yourself from hitting the outdoors because of the Fear of getting wet but getting wet while camping is always a bad idea as you are most vulnerable to life threatening emergency like Hypothermia.

A good quality Rain suit like this especially made for outdoor camping is a must hit on the checklist if you are going to Camp in the Rain.

Also get these Leg Gaiters to bind them along your leg to avoid those pants from getting soaked when you go out on the wet ground

6. Right Layering to Keep your Body Warm

Tell me you didn’t take along the Rain suit recommended above and skipped that Tip like a pro saying “Huh! I’m not getting wet at any cost and will stay inside the shelter while it rains.” Well, we can’t say anything but to recommend you some alternate options of clothing that will help you stay warm and dry when you get wet out there.

Have you packed your bags with the clothing already? It’s the time to undo it and repack some smart clothes in there. When you go camping in the rain and manage to get wet, then the clothes you are wearing could be enough to save your life from Highly dangerous medical emergency like Hypothermia which is caused by getting wet and cold at the same time at the outdoors.

People often pack some cotton clothing and some nice thick jackets to stay warm during the rain camping but they forget to stuff in a few pairs of clothing that will actually help you when you get wet out there. Cotton gets wet and increases the cold to an another level when exposed to rain so you need to find some good clothes to deal with the situation.

Merino Wool is known to be the type of wool that can actually provide you the continuous warmness when even 30% soaked in the Rain water. You’ll feel completely dry and warm even when you get wet during your camp. This will give you the time to reach out to your tent and change the clothing to a nice thick jacket to keep the warmness there itself. We bought this nice looking Merino wool zipper sweater and it worked like a pro when in Rain.

You can also keep sitting wearing it and it’ll dry up quickly providing you with more warmness so you don’t have to change clothes. Check out some Merino wool clothing on Amazon.

If you are going outside your shelter and the Rain clouds are on the Head then the smartness is to layer up against the wet and cold conditions that are coming to hit you. For this, you can add Fleece Layers inside the Merino clothing to double up the protection from water and cold. These two clothing materials are enough alone to tackle this whole  situation.

You can also layer up by Wearing these kind of Polypropylene Jackets which are actually waterproof with wool and polyester layers inside.

7. Fun Games and activities inside the Tent to avoid the Wet outdoors

Now you are confined to your Tent and the shelter for the whole day or the night. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy sitting inside and having some fun while watching the wild rain showers outside? So, this is the time to unpack those interesting Board games or UNOs and hit ’em up along with a cup of coffee and the day is set.

You can also take along some novels to sit along with your partner in the blanket and have nice reading session together. If you are going for couple camping, then you can always have that Fantasy of Having sex in the wild to turn into a pleasant reality.

8. Maintain a distance from the Trees

This is a quick but important tip that can save your life from one of the biggest disasters that camping faces. We are talking about a disaster that becomes most prone in the Rainy conditions.

You have to maintain a distance from the trees which means that you have to setup your camp between those 4 trees we explained you above. But make sure that your camp is away from their overhead branches as they can be hazardous when the Rain and winds picks by. They can fall onto your shelter or tent and can cause a serious damage to your Gear and also to you.

3 Hacks to a Happy Camping on a Rainy Day

1. You got your Clothes or Gear Wet? Try these Hacks to Dry them up.

A clothesline under the shelter for rain camping

So you got your gear and clothes wet even after knowing about so many tricks to save yourself from that wrath of the sky. We are again here with a Hack that could be proved very useful when your important Clothes or gear is all wet.

The foremost thing you can do is to pull a clothesline under your shelter using a paracord you already have. You just have to squeeze the gear and the clothes so that the excess water sheds away. Then hang those clothes and gear on that clothesline and you are done.

Another thing you can do to fasten the drying process is to light up a campfire near the the clothesline to provide enough heat to get those clothes dry up quickly. Make sure the Campfire is at a distance from the clothesline so that the clothes don’t catch fire.

If you aren’t in the favor of lighting up the campfire then you can pick up some important gear and clothes off the clothesline at night and stuff them in a breathable bag inside your sleeping bag. You body heat will surely dry up your clothes overnight to get those warm and dry clothes to wear in the morning.

2. Struggling to Light up the Campfire? Here’s correct way to do it During the Rain.

It is raining and you feel super cold and want a nice campfire during the night. it sounds impossible to light up a long lasting campfire but it isn’t so. This can be termed as an Art to light up the campfire in wet conditions like this. But with the right products, tools and process, it becomes easy if everything goes by the plan.

Firstly, you’ll have to get Tinder to initiate the campfire. Tinder is thin and soft wooden fuel that catches the fire easily and helps in burning the actual thick fuel wood as you can’t light up those wooden logs with a matchstick.

What you have to do is to look for some dry tinder under the trees. All the Tinder would be wet but you can find some sticks by digging inside the pile of the wet sticks lying below the trees.

If you struggle to find the fallen tinder then you have to find some dried and dead trees and cut their branches as the alive branches won’t catch fire. You can also pick large fallen branches from the ground and peel off their bark as it is wet. After peeling it down, you have to take your survival knife like this one and scrape it along the dry wood and create thin shavings of the log which will catch fire easily.

To skip all the steps explained above, you can also purchase ready made Tinder from Amazon that is actually waterproof and which burns even inside the water. It burns for a good long time enough to light up the large fuel wood.

Waterproof Tinder for camping in the rain

Now, you have to start the Fire but you got your matches wet. Even if you didn’t get your matches wet, make sure to keep these large waterproof matches for any emergency that may strike through any point of time.

You can also use this Magnesium Fire starter that is a must to keep in your survival kit if you manage to finish all the matchsticks.

Magnesium Fire starter for Camping

Now, the main task comes by. You have to collect enough Fuel wood to keep the fire going for a long time. You have to find the dead and dry fallen branches again and peel their barks off. After peeling the barks, you have to continuously scrape the wood with your survival knife till you reach the Dry point. After you peeled off all the wet wood, now slice the dry branch in small and thin pieces with the help of this Survival AXE (Must in your Toolkit) as they actually burn faster.

Now, make a encircle the sliced fuel wood around the ready to burn Tinder in the middle leaving some space to let the fire breathe. Light up the Tinder and slowly cover it with a few sliced logs to start the campfire which will last longer and warmer especially in those Cold Rainy conditions when you need it the most.

3. Prevent the Tent floor from Getting Wet.

Assume that you woke up in half an inch of water inside the Tent in the morning. Nothing could be more messy and annoying than this. To prevent the Tent floor from getting wet, you have to ensure a Two layer floor by making an elevated and thick base layer by folding down a few tarps. This will help in elevating the floor level and will prevent the water from running inside. After the Tarps, you have to lay over these comfortable sleeping pads all over the tent to ensure more waterproof and comfortable living inside.

Ultimate Checklist for Camping in the Rain

1. A few Pieces of Tarps for the Shelter, Floor and the Tent Floor too


2. Military Grade Para cords to Tie up the Shelter, Tent and clothesline


3. A Waterproof Bag to keep the Gear Dry while camping in the Rain


4. Silicon spray to waterproof your Gear and clothing


5. A Waterproof Rain Suit

6. Waterproof Leg Gaiters


7. Waterproof Merino Wool Sweater


8. Water repellent Rain Proof Jacket

9. Ready Made artificial Tinder


10. Magnesium Fire Starter

11. Waterproof Matchsticks

12. Portable Survival AXE

13. Waterproof Sleeping Pads


13. A multipurpose Survival Knife



At last after explaining every possible Tip and Hack about Camping in the Rain, we are quite sure that you won’t end up messing your whole Camping Trip. So, go through all the products in the checklist which are must for Rain Camping and without which you’ll find yourself in a bunch of problems you wouldn’t be able to tackle with.

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