9 Simple DIY Camping Toilet Ideas that will ease your poop in the woods

9 Simple DIY Camping Toilet Ideas that will ease your poop in the woods

Earlier we talked about about a major problem of Rain while camping but this one here turns more problematic and messed up if it hasn’t taken care of. We are talking about pooping in the woods while camping. Pooping in an open space is not at all a great decision because of several reasons we’ll discus sometime later.

But being smart enough to arrange a nice camping toilet for yourself before going for camping is the best decision if you don’t wanna mess up the whole camp. I mean, who likes to poop outside their homes and that too in the woods? No one, and this is one of the main reasons people stay away from camping.

But did you know that you can yourself make a decent Camping toilet to poop with ease while relaxing just like your Home toilet that you miss so much when out for camping.

We have these 5 DIY camping toilet ideas along with 5 reviews for the best camping toilets you can buy right now from Amazon for your next camping trip. These Camping toilet ideas are unique and reliable at the same time. You only have to use some household items along with some extra purchasable accessories to build a nice Camping toilet. If you wanna save yourself form building one on your own then sit back and read the honest Reviews of the best portable camping toilets out there.

9 Easy D.I.Y Camping Toilet Ideas to deal with your poop in the woods

We have picked up the Best Camping toilet ideas from around the web and made our own DIY guide on how to build them from scratch to go camping without any hiccups. You can build any of them in a few hours and carry it on your Truck when going for camping. We are sure it’ll help your whole family to spend good times in the woods.

1. Honey Bucket portable Toilet Seat

diy camping toilet ideas

As you would have seen in the picture above that this Toilet Seat Idea is good for the people who love basic and will be more than happy to poop in comfortably and securely anywhere. This doesn’t take much effort to build as you have to buy this Toilet Seat from Amazon and these Toilet liners to collect the Poop. After you get these items in your hands, now you have to take an ordinary paint bucket which can be found in any American Household easily.

Firstly, you have to place the liner/Waste bag properly inside the bucket keeping the mouth out and spread the mouth of the liner along with the boundaries of the bucket.

portable camping toilets

After lining the bucket, now it’s time to place the lid properly without breaking it. Now keep the lid at the correct position and press it’s outer boundary firmly against the bucket’s mouth. Now you have successfully built your own Camping Toilet with so much ease.

eco gel to deodorize poop`

You can also buy a packet of Eco gel and throw in some of it while pooping to Deodorize the waste and turn it into an Eco friendly gel that will be degraded in much less time by the nature as compared to the pure waste.

2. Pool Noodle camping Toilet seat

pool noodle camping toilet ideas

This one here does resembles the one we built above but what it lacks is a plastic lid seat that gives you the feeling of pooping at home. The plastic Lid seat is replaced by a Pool Noodle that actually makes us very comfortable sitting on the bucket. It can also be proved to be the cheapest camping toilet solution in the list as it only requires a $3 bucket with a $10 Pool noodle form AmazonYou just have to cut down the pool noodle throughout it’s length to make it fit on the mouth of the bucket easily. You can also add the Plastic liners and Eco Gel to make it more convenient.

You can also make it more advanced by snapping a Toilet paper Roll inside the Handle of the bucket like shown in the picture.

3. Chair modified into a Toilet Seat

Best camping toilet ideas

This Chair that got modified into a Toilet seat is the result of some really smart brain that’s why it has taken the 3rd position in our list of best camping toilet ideas. This is more of an unique camping toilet idea that can be made easily with the help of some hardware tools, a normal plastic chair, a bucket and a plastic lid.

Firstly, you need to measure the circular area of the mouth of the bucket you are gonna use. After measuring the area, you need to draw that same circular area on your chair and cut that off using a Survival knife kit like this one(must for camping)After that, you have to fix that bucket under the chair and then add this cheap Plastic lid seat at the top to make a complete Camping toilet for your next trip.

4. A pop up dressing, Shower and Toilet Room inside a Tent

camping toilet in a tent

This one here can be added as a modification to any of the camping toilet ideas in the list if you need some privacy while pooping. You can take along a Bathroom Tent like this one on Amazon and set it up there to create a full sized Bathroom or toilet Room. This will provide you privacy and also you’ll feel good to see that advanced camping setup with a separate full sized bathroom in there.

You can also make a camping shower yourself and add it inside that Tent bathroom to enjoy bathing and pooping like back there at Home.

5. A Super portable Folding Camping Toilet

foldable camping toilet

This one is a cute little example of an ideal camping toilet. You don’t need much technology, a big setup or anything fancy as you are just about to poop inside it. This one here fulfills everything you need to comfortably poop while camping. As you are buying a temporary toilet so it isn’t a smart decision to buy a fancy toilet system for camping. But it is completely your choice as this Folding toilet with steel legs is rigid enough to hold the weight of a heavy man weighing over 200’lbs. It folds down and sits in the car taking a negligible space in there.

It comes with six plastic bags and one year warranty by the manufacturer. You can surely buy more Toilet waste bags from Amazon and poop as many times as you can during that camping trip.

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6. Palm Springs outdoor Camping Toilet

palm springs portable toilet

This one needs no introduction as it is the Beast of all the camping toilets present out there. It has a list of way more functionality than the above camping toilets as they were only a cheap alternative of the true camping toilets.

Palm springs brings out the Best in class camping toilet with Two Tanks to hold 3 gallons of Fresh water and 5 gallons of waste water and poop inside it. The tanks and the whole toilet is super rigid and strong and won’t give any leakage issues even after Years of use.

The True Flush system just flushes out your poop with an ease like the one that does it in your house. The Tanks seal themselves against any leakage of bad Odour and waste water. Invest in this one if you want a stress free camping Toilet experience for Years if you are an avid Outsider.

It is quite portable and is currently the Best seller at Amazon for Camping Toilets.

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7. Camco Portable Toilet Bucket with Seat and Lid Attachment

camco basic toilet for camping

Camco portable Toilet as you can see in the picture resembles the DIY Camping Toilet ideas explained above. Then how’s this one different from others? It isn’t. Its just a ready to buy Camping toilet when you need a durable and feasible Toilet at a tight budget and still don’t want to indulge in any DIY activities. Don’t forget to buy these Waste bags to fit inside the bucket before pooping. You can buy it if you are not an avid outdoor man and just need a temporary solution for a camping toilet.

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8. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

cleanwaste Toilet seat for camping

You see that different from all 3 legged Camping toilet? That camping toilet is highly portable as it folds down to a briefcase and opens up with 3 tough legs locked in a strong position. This Toilet can even hold a 500’lbs man sitting over it. The material is as tough as possible for a portable Toilet. It comes with a plastic bag attached to the seat that can be disposed right after you finish pooping.

This option is Best for the people who don’t want a self holding tank inside a portable toilet but still want some nice looking, strong and technologically advanced Toilet unlike the ugly ones with a bucket and a lid at the top.

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9. Porta Potti 365 Camping Toilet

porta pottie advanced camping toilet seat

Porta Potti, the most famous and advanced Toilet you can buy right now in the market ranges to the price tag for $130. That doesn’t look a bit high for just a Portable Toilet seat? No, it isn’t. analyzing all it’s features, you won’t say that again as it is worth the price spent on it.

It is the Ideal toilet seat for nearly everyone as it offers quite a good  height that our commodes provide us in our houses. The seat is oval shaped and larger than all of the above options. This is a life saving feature for me as I find so uncomfortable sitting on round and small seats.

The quiet flush system flushes down the waste like a pro without even making a slight of a noise. The fresh water tank and the waste water tank have a nice lock seal between them.

It is the best camping Toilet for any camper out there the budget is not a problem.


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It is completely up to you that which Camping toilet idea you’ll chose for your next camping trip. But the people who are tight at the budget and love to make your stuff their stuff themselves then go for the DIY options as they are dead cheap and quite simple to make.

If you are willing to spend some more bucks for a long lasting portable seat dedicated for Camping then you should select the one according to your budget from the 4 options I have provided you up there.

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