Camping with Girlfriend? Here are the 6 Tips  that’ll help

Camping with Girlfriend? Here are the 6 Tips that’ll help

Going out for camping in the wild in search of wanderlust and peace with your girlfriend? Using your weekend to cut off from social cloud networks and planning a perfect camping trip with your girlfriend is a big move for a healthier relationship, which means that this camping trip with your girlfriend should be perfect as it’ll boost the love, understanding to keep the relation crisp. Need not to worry and just follow the below given step by step guide to gift your better half a beautiful experience for life time.

1. Don’t accept Camp Food simply because you’re in the wild

If this is her first time in the outdoors with you, your girlfriend is perhaps expecting to search for wild berries. Imagine her surprise after you pull out a cheese and cracker platter and a bottle of wine as a dinner appetizer. whereas you won’t be creating wild Fijian albacore dish with pea plant structure, there’s no reason to accept just-add-water remen. Choose tacos, pasta, cut of meat and potatoes, and omelets. Ingredients is pre-chopped and placed in sandwich baggage before your trip.

A few inhabitation room tools area unit a must:

Stove: The change of state choices area unit limitless with a tiny low two-burner gas or gas stove. I chose this Coleman one. ensure to bring backup fuel and matches or a lighter.

Cookware: put aside some cooking utensil entirely for inhabitation. Any hand-me-down set of pots and pans works otherwise you should buy one specifically for inhabitation like this Coleman set. Don’t forget plates and utensils.

Spices: These area unit usually unnoticed once packing for inhabitation however UN agency desires to eat a comprehensible baked potato? Get a group of mixed spices only for inhabitation.

Ice Chest: What’s worse than a comprehensible baked potato? heat brew. go along with an oversized icebox (100 Quart) and don’t forget the ice.

Coffee Maker: A contemporary cup of low within the morning goes to create all the distinction.

Lantern: begin change of state dinner whereas you continue to have some daylight however ensure you have got some lanterns for once it gets dark.

2. Save your Food before it gets snatched.

Now that you just have a thought for food, bear in mind that the outside is jam-packed with squirrels, raccoons, birds and bears UN agency conjointly need a bite of your cut tacos. Your trip can quickly aggravate if you lose your rigorously planned meals to animals. throughout the day, secure food within the icebox and in your automobile, although you’re close. If area unit|you’re} at a website wherever bears are illustrious to be a nuisance and a bear box is provided, use it! Otherwise check that food and alternative scented things (toothpaste, deodorant, etc.) area unit secured in your automobile at midnight, not in your tent.

3. Correct Campfire is most important.

Building a fire might seem as easy as throwing many logs on the bottom and holding a match to them; it’s not. the foremost common mistake I see guys creating is making fires that billow smoke all night. everybody spends the night taking part in musical chairs making an attempt to avoid the dynamical direction of the smoke.

Instead, build a roaring fireplace for you and your lady to cuddle up to.

I use the Indian lodge methodology of beginning a fire. Place kindling (dry leaves, little sticks and/or crumpled newspaper) within the center of a Indian lodge of kindling (larger dry sticks). light-weight the kindling and blow thereon to produce atomic number 8. you’ll be able to fan the air with a plate to hurry things up. Wait till the fireplace is actually going before adding larger logs so you are doing not smother the fireplace before it’s hot enough.

Most established campsites sell fuel (they don’t wish you conveyance off-site wood because it could carry unwanted insects). If you’re conveyance your own, opt for one thing like cedar, or a hardwood like oak, or citrus as they burn slow and hot.

Because there’s nothing less horny than the person UN agency burns down the forest, ensure to use the fireplace ring provided and place out your fire with a bucket of water.

4. Your camping Home must be Comfortable and romantic enough

If you’ve got camped you’ve got seen it too: confused guys awkwardly playing with tent poles and looking out for “those damn directions.” If you’ve got a brand new tent or haven’t pitched yours for a short time, do a check run reception before the trip. This helps you make sure you have all of your items. Pitching the tent is usually the primary issue I do at my site. it should appear obvious, however it’s a lot of easier to pitch a tent throughout the day than once it’s ebony outside and you can’t see your hand before of your face.

Keep in mind that your tent can function your dynamic  area and personal area. you will not have any problems with infraction however your girlfriend most likely will. Use the fly sheet and make sure that she has privacy within.

When it involves sleeping, you’ll ne’er be as comfy as on your home memory foam pad. However, simply because you’re bivouacking doesn’t mean you would like to sleep on exhausting rocks all night. Before pitching your tent, clear the realm of rocks and sticks. build the within of the tent comfy and romantic with a good mattress and a double-wide bag.

If weather continues to be a priority some bag heaters are your supporter.

5. Bring some Fun gear to inject adventure

You came out here to attach with nature and disconnect, however you’ll solely “enjoy the outdoors” see you later before you discover yourselves looking at rocks. Hiking, camping, and fishing square measure nice encampment activities throughout the day, however be ready for time period round the campground.  Some things that employment on behalf of me include:

Games: These may be easy “get to understand you” games like 2 truths and a lie, card games like Uno, or for the additional formidable (and those with a truck or massive car) bring a cornhole set.

Star-gazing: Brush informed your constellation information or simply create it up.

Books and magazines: The couple that reads along stays along.

Booze: The couple that drinks along stays along.

6. Have a concept for shuddry loos

For your girlfriend, campground loos could also be additional terrific than hungry bears. Some square measure good with fashionable bathrooms and running water. Others square measure nothing however spider-infested, crumbling shacks designed around holes within the ground.

Be ready for loos that don’t have running water by making an outside sink. Bring a bowl, additional water, mirror, towels, and soap. For visits to the toilet, have additional tissue on-hand. Headlamps square measure particularly helpful for middle-of-the-night visits.

Extras to essentially Impress her

If you’ve got the fundamentals down however wish to essentially impress, have faith in delivery on a number of this stuff (there’s no shame in “glamping” once you’re along with your lady):

Hot Shower: If you’re encampment during a sunny space a star shower bag may be heated by the tip of the day for an outside shower.

Campsite furniture: Hammocks and expansive sofas can cause you to forget you were ever “roughing it.”

Pizza Oven: dish, beer, and encampment go along like squirrels and acorns. Bring on a conveyable dish kitchen appliance for freshly baked dish.

Telescope: At some purpose, she is going to show what number stars square measure visible. this is often the proper moment to bust out your telescope and begin throwing around words like “Cassiopeia.”


For you, tenting could stir pictures of living off brew and freeze-dried food, not showering for days and excavation holes to poop in. Taking your girlfriend on this kind of trip can finish in delicate physiological state and broken hearts. Instead, follow the half-dozen tips on top of for a unforgettable trip which will solidify your name as a dedicated outdoorsman…while still keeping your relationship intact.

Virat singh

Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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