10 Camping Date Tips: To a successful outdoor trip for Couples

10 Camping Date Tips: To a successful outdoor trip for Couples

If you are a camping enthusiast, reading this Article and are very confident on taking your girlfriend/boyfriend along first time on a camping trip then wait, stop everything what’s going inside your so called confident head. Take a look at these 10 most important camping date tips that could take your relationship to a next level this time.

No matter how experienced backpacker you are, going on a camping date with your girlfriend and hoping for everything to be great out there is a false hope at the end. There are numerous things you gotta take care about during this camping date with her. Its not a friends camping trip that everyone’s gonna do their job on their own. This time, you gotta take the responsibility alone along with taking care of her in the woods. As she would be a novice in outdoors, so you have to explain and teach her things along with doing them on your own.

And don’t forget that you are on a date with your significant other so every arrangement must be comfy enough to spend some good time out there.

10 Useful Tips for a successful Camping Date

“Here are the 10 Tips on how to spend a perfect time on a camping date looking like a Gentleman and a perfect Outdoor man who can tackle any condition nature or Girlfriend puts after him.”

1. Keep her backpack light and you yourself become Arnold

Backpacking tips for couple camping

Here’s the very first tip to start a healthy and happy camping date trip. Camping starts with backpacking and that’s the first step when you have to start caring about her. You can do that easily by organizing light weight camping gear and accessories like clothes, Tent, hammock etc in her bag. And you can keep all the heavy stuff like a camping stove, food, drinks etc inside your backpack because you don’t want her to get tired so early and upset the whole mood that Camping date trip.

Carrying the camping backpack easily for the first time will increase her confidence in herself and the trip too. It will make her feel positive and excited for the trip ahead.

2. Comfort is King! Take care of her comfort and Romance with the Right Gear

couple camping tips

Still confused what Gear to take along for this couple camping trip? Well, Your normal camping gear won’t work here. You have to get a few important Gears that are especially dedicated to a camping date.

The right gear won’t only make your trip successful but it’ll add up to your romantic memories so much. Keeping in mind that you have come here more on a date and less on a regular outdoors trip, you must spend much more time being closed to your significant other physically and emotionally.

This Couple Gear would help so much in bringing you guys closer than ever before. Along with providing the home like comfort you needed to create beautiful memories while camping.

Check out this special list of only 5 couple camping Gear you’ll ever need.

3. No space for Boring food! Delicious camping meals are a must Requirement

prepare meal on a camping trip

You must know this ain’t a all boys camping trip that you can eat anything you get just to fill your hungry stomach. Remember that the correct path to a memorable date goes through your girlfriend’s stomach. If she doesn’t get the food she desires, it’ll be a big failure for you. She can sleep on a rough terrain, live inside a Tent with water leakage but couldn’t eat that shitty food just because she is out in the wilderness.

You must know how to cook, barbeque or prepare tasty quick meals to impress her and make this date a memorable one.

You both can cook and prepare your dinner together out there. It’ll only add up to your most beautiful memories together. But the most important thing that you need to learn is to store food the correct way while camping. You don’t want any bear attacks, snake attacks or your food to get spoiled. So, here’s my article on ‘how to store food while camping‘ that’ll teach you the proper way in just a few minutes.

4. Light up the Campfire quickly like a boss

building a perfect campfire with girlfriend

Are you really a good camper if you don’t light up the campfire on a single hit? Well, if you are an experienced camper and you failed to light up the proper campfire then you loose some respect my friend. I’m sure you don’t need this to happen in front of your girlfriend.

Don’t worry, there are a numerous ways that can lead to a perfect campfire. You must learn how to light it quickly, correct ingredients to put inside and much more.

Here’s my article where I have explained the correct way to light up the perfect campfire for your significant other. Just scroll it down a bit, jump onto the 10th tip and you’ll get that precious information to light up the easiest campfire.

5. Arrange Romantic Dinners in the evenings

camping date tips

Above, you learned to store the food, drinks and important ingredients properly while camping. Now its time to bring out them and cook a lavish Dinner for the evening. Also bring out the wine bottle, a good Foldable camping table(link. to Amazon) with a nice tablecloth, beautiful scented candles(link. to Amazon) and set the Dinner Date just at the time of sunset to enjoy the beautiful view with your soulmate.

Trust me, you’ll make an unforgettable memory up right there.

6. Teach her, then Leave her! Stop correcting everything she does out there

The biggest downfall of you knowing a lot about camping and she nearly nothing is the chance to a birth of a big argument that could even turn worse into things that should never happen. Read my words carefully, this is the mistake that every guy next door makes when camping with his significant other. This could ruin up the whole trip and even relationship in the worst cases. It had happened with me and so I am warning you for the same.

If you try to correct her at every step of the trip, she’ll get frustrated soon and will blow up at you. You just have to teach everything gently to her. Don’t try to teach or correct the things that she says ” I know it and I can do it alone”. If she says so, just leave her on herself right there or you’ll mess up the things.

This is just a trip and not an Atomic bomb building mission. Let her learn from her experiences and you just support her whenever she messes up the things.

7. Act like you know! Don’t stand out there having ‘No’ idea what to do

camping Date tips for couples

If you are a guy or a girl reading this article, you guys are in the wilderness. You ain’t Tarzan and don’t know a shit about outdoors. But whenever nature puts something in front of you, don’t stand being dumb right there. Instead, try to figure out something to fix that as soon as possible. Take help of the internet or do it on your own, just move your ass and don’t keep crying or staring at the problems. This will ruin up the trip.

8. Find Romance in everything! Don’t get too busy with the nature

couple camping date tips

I know you guys have come a long way from home to visit the mother nature and feel it being closest to it. But don’t hold a misconception that the romance can be done inside our homes or anywhere but this trip won’t come back daily to us. Many of the people go camping with their significant other but forge the whole purpose to go out there.

Just remember that its your date the whole time and not a casual friends trip. Doing whatever, cooking food, bathing together, hiking etc, find romance in everything and leave no chance to kiss her wherever and whenever you feel like

9. Don’t let her get Bored. Plan some Romantic Games ahead of time

We often get bored on the camping trips when it continously rains and you are stuck inside your tent for the whole day. What you can do is to grab a cup of hot coffee and play those really interesting and romantic games made for couples.

Even when you ain’t stuck inside a camp, if you feel like playing a game and get entertained, just open this Article of mine where I created the list of ‘Top Fun and Romantic camping games for couples‘. Trust me, you won’t get off ’em once you start playing. These games have turned out to be the best boredom killer and even the best romantic activity to do.

10. Sex in Wild? Keep these precautions in mind

sex while camping tips

What do I say about sex? If you take care of everything I told you above, you guys would be rocking your trip and that happiness will end up to bring your hidden desire to have sex in the Wild. But with the sex in wild comes great precautions to do it healthily and safely.

This article on How to have safe outdoor sex will help you with that matter.


So, it was a complete list of the 10 most important tips for a camping date you won’t find anywhere else. Share the article with all the couples who are planning to go camping with their significant other. Happy Camping!

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