5 Must Have Couple Camping Gears to make love while Camping

5 Must Have Couple Camping Gears to make love while Camping

Let’s say that you love camping and you want your partner with you on your next camping trip. Well, that’s completely a choice of your partner if He/she loves outdoors and wilderness for a perfect romantic getaway or just a fine Dining and a movie night out there will work for them. Everyone’s choices are different but couple camping is proved to be the most romantic and awesome experience for all the couples out there whether they love adventures or not. This is because, every couple gets sort of bored by going on those cliche dates like Long drives, movie, beach or just travelling to some other country. Camping surprisingly enhances the Trust, love and compatibility of the couples with a punch of exciting adventure that helps a lot in the future to build a stronger relationship. This article is all about special couple camping Gears that will replace the ordinary Gears to give you the most romantic and adventurous experience with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

Why You need special Gear for Couple Camping?

couple camping gear

You can obviously go camping along with your partner without any of the couple camping gears below. But what will happen if you really go without any of the Gears recommended below? This will change the whole camping experience and will make it more dull and a survival kind of trip rather than that of enjoyment and extraction of most of the love during that camping trip.

So, you would have understood how important is to replace your ordinary Gear for your first and most special Couple camping trip. This can change your whole experience and everything you would have done when going for camping with friends before.

Some of the couple camping gears are the necessities for the two as your trip will become so dull without them. They’ll actually help your come closer, vanishing all your complaints with each other and spreading more love while making your bond stronger when you return home.

But some of them are optional only if you want extra love to overflow your Hearts and to make this trip the best memory of your love life.

5 Essential Gears for Couple Camping

It is said, “The couple who don’t camp together, don’t stay together”. It seems to be a truth for some people but the reality is that camping is the best recreational activity that has taught a million things to a million people about life. But what about couples? Does it really help in decreasing the distance? You would have gone on a several kind of dates whether it be a trip to some other culture or just a weekend party night. But what works the best for the Couple who have a little distance, some doubts or the love is lagging behind, then Camping is the ultimate solution as you can spend time in isolation without any cell phones and people around you. You will end up exploring your relationship, discussing everything and killing those problems yourselves.

This is pretty amazing, Right? But couple camping gears act like those 6 infinity stones with Thanos, that can do anything He wants. Same like the infinity stones, these Gears are highly recommended for all the couple out there as it doubles down the whole process of making love, vanishing the problems and doubts and increasing compatibility like I told you above.

So let’s take a look at the handpicked Couple camping Gears I’m boasting about in the whole article and How they changed my love life.

1. A Double Sleeping Bag is must for Couples

Camping sleeping gear for couples

Talking about sleeping inside a tent and forgetting that a couple comes the closest in bed is a common mistake made by many campers. The couple who don’t sleep togethet don’t stay together. Yes, this statement is true as it increases the compatibilty and brings the couple closer than any time of the day. So why not creating the same environment inside a tent.

Trust me, it is the happiest feeling to sleep in each other’s warmth during the cold wilderness.But many couples get deprived of the feeling as they don’t know about double sleeping bags. These bags are speciallly designed for a couple where the two can sleep in ultimate coziness along with creating a feeling of protectiveness which is a must in relationship.

But, don’t end up buying any of the double sleeping bags displayed in the market. Instead, also look for the features that an ideal sleeping bag provides against a hundreds of odds the nature can posses onto you when sleeping while exposed to mother nature.

This double sleeping bag by Mallo me is the ultimate sleeping bag you’ll ever need for you and your partner.

It is made for Year round camping trips where you can sleep comfortably in Red hot weather or in as cold as 8’ degrees.

It is made up of waterproof polyester that doesn’t allows a drop of water to seep inside and make your night uncomfortable. Plus it is highly portable and easy to carry along.

There are special additional features that we loved when we went on camping last winters. The straps on the sides prevents the zips from being opened even when you both are sleeping stretching your legs and arms like a baby.

2. A cozy Tent for Two

coleman Tent for camping

talking about camping and missing out the perfect Tent for the two? Man! that’s a big nice problem coming through. A tent is a little place where you have to spend most of the time while camping and it needs some serious attention as it could create or destroy your whole camping experience.

Forget the tent you used earlier unless it had these cool features to create a comfortable shelter for two people making it a memorable couple camping trip.

Choosing a perfect Tent for couples goes different than that of normal people as couples need more space to have that wild fantasy of having a nice cozy sex in the wilderness. Buying a 4 person Tent rather than the normal 2 person is one of the biggest mistakes in couple camping. Keeping all your Gear inside along with your Food items and food coolers, it gets difficult to find space to relax in a 2 person Tent.

We have picked out this Coleman Tent from Amazon which is proven to be the Best every time when we talk about camping. It’s biggest plus points are that it is a 4 person Tent which is the strongest out there when it comes to durability. It can withstand any weather condition easily from heavy Rainfall to high speed winds, it won’t let a single drop of water seep inside nor let the wind affect the Tent. It is quite Roomy and also has a Rain fly that also acts a a vent to circulate Air inside.

You need this kind of Tent to end up with an amazing camping experience.

3. Double Parachute Hammock for Romantic stargazing

A double hammock for couples

A Hammock while camping is a necessity that couldn’t be forgotten. People often commit mistakes by poor quality Hammocks that are not that durable and then end up hurting themselves when the Hammock tears while they are inside. So, the first rule to buy a Hammock is to look for the Material that is used in it. This Wise owl Hammock is a Best seller on Amazon and is made of High grade 210T Parachute Nylon that is tested to handle up to 900’lbs weight in it. Second Rule to buy a Good Hammock is to look for the space it provides for the two to relax comfortably. This one here provides the largest 10’ft long and 6.5’ft wide space to spend a cozy evening with your partner.

Couples usually use Hammocks for Romantic stargazing as this is the most beautiful thing a couple can do laying under the sky with a million stars. It is enough comfortable that you can get a blanket and sleep inside the whole night without hurting your back.

It is very lightweight and compact that you can throw it inside your backpack and forget if it’s in there. It comes with durable and long carabiners and tree straps to easily attach it the the trees and get it ready withing a minute.

4. A comfortable double sized Sleeping Mattress

double sleeping mattress for couples

For the People who’ll love the bedroom like experience rather than dedicating the wilderness adventure to it’s specialized gear like a sleeping bag. We are talking about a full sized mattress for your tent. It’s often called sleeping mat as it is quite compact and is made for the people who hate sleeping inside a Sleeping Bag unlike me(I love it).

These mattresses are generally inflated with air just to make it compact and portable and also quite comfortable to sleep in. We bought this Hikenture Double sized sleeping pad when my wife didn’t want to jump inside a sleeping bag on her next camping trip as the weather was quite hot at that time. It stood up to our expectations and its our camping partner for 3 Years now without any complaint.

5. A Pair of Double Folding camping Chairs

If you are the couple who loves to sit together in the morning and have a cup of tea then these double folding camping chairs are for you. Refer them as love chairs for the wilderness as it is another camping gear that will bring you guys closer to spend the morning sitting with your partner along with a blanket and a cup of tea.

This double folding camping chair folds easily to become compact and easy to carry.

Extra Optional Gear to create the Aroma of love

A 2 person Kayak- Kayaking is the most amazing adventure if there’s a water body nearby your camp. But it can also be turned into a really Romantic adventure activity for couples to do while camping. What else can be more soothing than sitting in a kayak in the middle of the water with your partner in complete silence.

Trust me, this is an unmatched experience. What you have to do is to get a reliable inflatable Kayak for 2 and you are set to go on a new adventure experience. But, I recommend you to take a week of training of kayaking before jumping yourself without knowing any basics of Kayaking.

Rainbow Fire sticks- When we are making everything about camping so romantic for you guys then why miss out the biggest camping element without which the whole experience is worthless. Yes, we are talking about the Campfire, the most romantic thing to do when camping. But can we add more love and enhance the aroma a bit? Yes, by using these colorful Fire sticks which really change the standard yellow color of the fire to beautiful rainbow colors. Isn’t it sounding magical? Try it yourself.


When you search about couple camping gear on internet, you only find the spammy websites just recommending you the ordinary must have camping gears that has nothing to do with couples. When I searched about camping gear for couples 3 years ago, I couldn’t find a proper article that gives the right information, So I decided to write my own on the basis of the information I have collected from tens of sources and my own experiences while camping with my Wife.

Virat singh

Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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