How to make a camping stove at Home | D.I.Y Guide (3 Examples)

How to make a camping stove at Home | D.I.Y Guide (3 Examples)

It was like 5 years ago when I was with Kate, Planned a perfect weekend getaway with her leaving the city and to get lost in the arms of mother nature. Leaving behind all the stress and negativity just Kate and I together for a couple of days in the woods. We both were very excited for this adventure and it was a turning point in our relationship and I had figured out everything from A to Z to impress her and establish myself as alpha.

But I under estimated one thing, FIRE! Yes I underestimated fire which led to starvation and no romantic born fire leading to present day when Kate still regrets that Camping Date. So here I am to save your relationship and to warn you to not repeat the same thing.

Things went sideways real fast and everything was great until I realized that what I saw on You tube on how to lit a campfire was not working at all. Because woods were wet and all I got were a few twigs which burnt out instantly in open fire and didn’t last much and all the food I needed to be cooked was just left uncooked. After the cold and starving night, we packed up and moved back to the city where I began working on this problem and came to know about camping stoves. There were hundreds of them online and people actually make them at home and sell them on amazon but they are quite simple so I thought why not try to make it by myself. After few hours of surfing through the web and watching Tens of videos and reading articles and failing couple of times I finally did it and made a nice camping gas stove out of the basic household stuff. Now, after making several kinds of DIY camping stove, I am here to tell you exactly the way I made them. Among Tens of stoves I have personally made in my backyard, these 3 stoves are most suitable. Now its time to choose and make 1 heck of an outdoor stove impress your girl later that evening with your cooking skills.

3 Outdoor Camping Stoves you can Build at Home

1. DIY Backpacking Wood Gasifier Stove

diy Wood gasifier camping stove

Materials required:

  • Two cans (Different Sizes)
  • Can opener
  • Tin snips
  • ⅛”  and ⅜” drill bits
  • File or punch
  • Plier
  • Drill 


Step 1: First of all, remove the lid of the large can , and turn it into a rim  with the  help of the can opener which should fit around the smaller can. This will leave you with a snug fit design for outer and inner-parts of the stove.

Step 2: Put the smaller can on the top of the bigger one and mark the circumference as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Once you marked the area of the smaller can’s circumference, now stab the Larger can’s bottom face with a Plier to cut down the marked area easily as shown in the picture.


Step 4: Now with the help of a drill, punch holes around the border like shown in the above picture. After completing a whole row of holes, jump onto the other one. Now, you have to punch a hole under each pair of the above holes like shown in the second picture.

Step 5: Now take the smaller can and do the same as you did earlier with the larger can, but you have to use a smaller drill here.

Step 6: Now, punch hole at the bottom of the smaller can like shown in the second picture using 3/16″ bit Drill.


Step 7: once you have completed punching holes in the cans , you can assemble the stove by pacing the smaller can inside the larger can and you are all set to light it up.

diy Wood gasifier camping stove

Take a metallic mesh and cut it down as per the circumference of the larger can to circle it around to make a nice pot stand to cook your camping meal.

Place some small pieces of woods or twigs along with some paper and lint to light up the fire , the fuel burns down giving you a great site to roast your marsh mallows or other whatever you would like to have for dinner.

2. DIY Camping Rocket Stove 

Materials Required:

  • A Heinz Ketchup Tin Can
  • Big #10 can (or one gallon paint)
  • Can opener
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Saw 
  • File or punch
  • Ruler 
  • Tin snips


Step 1: Take the big can and mark a circle of diameter of the small can at the lower part of the big can using a punch saw as seen in the picture.

Now drill a series of holes following the circular mark and then use tin snips or Plier to cut out the smaller can diameter hole.

Now you can check that small can fits tightly in the large can which later will be used as feeding mouth of fuel for fire.

Step 2: After checking the smaller can that it fits perfectly inside the larger can, you may now remove the bottom face of the small can so that u can see through it and then place it back inside the larger can. You have now made the feeding mouth for the fire.

Step 3: This Can will be placed inside the larger Can which will direct the flames towards the upper part of the larger can. Now take the second small can and remove its bottom part like you did for the first one.


Now cut a flap at the side of the can using saw around 3 inch broad and half of the height of the can. Turn the flap outside and make it rest on the inner side of the feeding can. So that the upper side of both the cans the large can and second number smaller can are on the same level, so it is easy for you to place the pot stand.

Step 4:  The last part is to fill the stove with the gravel of sand to keep both the cans in place and to insulate the body of the stove properly. Fill the stove to the rim of the larger and make sure to remove the extra gravel or sand from inside of the feeding mouth as it will also act as the inlet for the air flow to keep the fire up for long time.

You are now all set with your ultimate homemade rocket stove to cook delicious meal for your camping mate . just throw in some twigs or dry piece of wood and you have made yourself a cozy romantic evening with your partner. Now things depend on your cooking skills and it’s up to you whether you scored or just felt asleep cuddling. 

3. Coca cola Can Alcohol Stove (Easiest)

Alcohol is one of my personal Favorite because of its ultra compact size and lightweight structure. It is also easiest to build and could prove to be a great kitchen partner on all your outdoor trips.

Materials Required:

  • 2 Coca cola or Beer Cans
  • Blade
  • Board Pin
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Cotton wick


Step 1: Take the First Can, Drink all the coke or Beer to empty it. Then take a marker and mark down 1/3 of the length of can from the bottom. Now take a blade and cut down the Can through the border as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Now mark a cross in the middle and pin a hole at the center with the help of a board pin.

Also pin 4 more holes on the respective 4 corners of the cross like shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Now cut the same part (3/4) from another Coca cola can to make the base of the stove.


Step 3: Take some cotton that will act as a burning wick and stuff it into the base can ( Second One).

Now fix the first can into the second one like shown in the picture right there. Because both the cans are of the same diameter so you have to stretch the second one(the bottom part of stove) a little bit with the help of a plier so that the first one (the top part) gets inserted easily into it.

Step 4: Now mark several dots at equal distances at the border of the top part that will make the burner holes. Punch holes using the same board pin on the respective dots you just marked.

Step 5: Now pour down some denatured alcohol and warm up the wick with the help of a lighter from the bottom of the stove.

Step 6: Now keep providing a decent flame to the top of the stove with that lighter till the fire starts burning from the holes. Once it starts, your stove is ready to give you as long as 15 minutes of cooking time.

Add a metallic mesh stand around the stove to put your cooking pot above it and get ready for a nice cooking time during camping with this super portable DIY alcohol stove.


These are the best homemade camping stoves one can build easily on their own, one should have it on his checklist as it is very simple to build and works flawlessly like any other camping stove. I would highly suggest you guys to build out this camping stove instead of buying one to have the true experience of outdoor adventure. And trust me, you all will be surprised by its performance. So get your gear ready, go over your checklist and don’t forget your stove. If don’t wanna make one or you are an avid camper and you want to invest into something solid to last forever, then jump onto my article about the Best Alcohol Stoves that money can buy.

Virat singh

Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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