How to keep snakes away while Camping? 8 Proven Tips that actaually work

How to keep snakes away while Camping? 8 Proven Tips that actaually work

Imagine that you go camping with your partner to enjoy the ultimate privacy under the subtle beauty of nature and find a cute little snake peeping on you guys inside the Tent itself. Won’t be a beautiful experience? Absolutely not, it will freak the sh*t outta you and could lead to a sudden disaster with 100 variable consequences.

Do you want it to happen? Absolutely not. No one wants an uninvited guest to ruin their privacy during camping whether it be a Bear or a poisonous snake itself. After talking to the experts about this hazardous situation, we wrote down as many tips as we could to avoid snakes while camping. We have prepared a list all of the Do’s and Don’ts by the experts that really work when you want to keep snakes away while camping.

Instant tips to Keep Snakes away from Campsite

  • Look out for a Snake free campsite
  • Store the Food and Gear above the ground as snakes like to hide under them
  • Check your Gear and Tent periodically for Snakes
  • Walk carefully and avoid stepping on a snake
  • Lighting up a Campfire will Repel the snakes like a pro.
  • Pack a Snake Bite kit for the ultimate emergency of a snake Bite.
  • Wear Gaiters to avoid snake bite

Myth Busted about the Snake Repellents

You hear about Snake repellent all around when you search for ‘How to avoid snakes at a campsite?’. Snake Repellents are good for nothing but they are marketed at a large number and hence, the customer ends up buying those sprays and carry them along with a false thought of repelling all the snakes in the campsite. This doesn’t only encourages casualties but also motivates them to don’t read the true and useful tips to avoid snakes in real rather than carrying these repellents along.

It’s a huge market and the products like ‘Snake away’ are leading it by manipulating the minds and selling products with fake claims. That really needs to be monitored but that’s not our concern, let the Government do their job. Our Duty was to tell the truths about these Snake repellents or we could also have recommended a few repellents just to cut our commission but we don’t do that to our loyal readers. We will only recommend the products that can actually help you to keep the snakes away.

Snake Repellents have certain smells that they claim to get rid of the nearby snakes. But the truth is that a snake doesn’t gives a shit about any kind of smell around it. It really doesn’t care if it’s a smell of a freshly cooked pancake or a Tomato. These kinda smells don’t attract them nor repel them.

The best Tips by the snake experts are listed below and explained well to have a snake free campsite at your next camp:

8 Expert’s Tips on How to avoid snakes while camping

There are numerous ways from beginner’s level to an advanced level to deal with snakes. We won’t jump into the advanced tips as most of you wouldn’t have dealt with snakes before. Instead, we have prepared the ideal mixture of the most useful tips on How to keep snakes away while camping and if kept in mind, they can ensure a total snake free camping.

1. Look out for a Snake free campsite

This is the most important tips you can keep in mind before stepping into your plan about camping. Prevention is better than cure so this is a highly preventive tip to maintain a distance form the snakes. Choosing a correct campsite is the key to this whole thing. If you have chosen a completely snake free campsite then you hardly want any other tip about repelling snakes and to avoid them too. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts you have to bind to your mind to choose a perfect snake free campsite.


  • Always tend towards finding a campsite that officially sates that the its free of snakes and other dangerous predators.
  • If the Campsite doesn’t states it officially then look out for some signs that tell you that this campsite is or isn’t a habitat for snakes. To do so, ensure the signs like there shouldn’t be any rock piles, dense shrubs or fallen wood piles near your camp as these are the perfect place for the snakes to hide. So choose a campsite free from these kind of snake homes.
  • Find a campsite with wide open land, minimal vegetation and mostly short grass because the snakes are very secretive and don’t expose themselves in the open lands without any natural shelters to hide like dense shrubs.


  • Never go camping next to any kind of water body like a lake or a pond as these are the Snake prone areas where you can encounter many kinds of snakes and I wish God save you from that horrific situation.
  • As we told you in the article about camping in the Rain, always choose higher grounds and grassy areas without any dense vegetation around.
  • Always prefer a well lit campsite so that you can check out for snakes and avoid stepping over them if you go out of the tent at night.

2. Store the Food properly to avoid snakes

Storing food can be a task for itself as you have to be very careful when dealing with the food. You would be thinking “why snakes will be interested in human foo? and by saying so, you are contradicting yourself after what you told us above about food smells and stuff”.

I can understand that you are confused under my Tips. Don’t worry, I explain you this small concept of the Food chain that works here in this scenario. When you throw your left over food or keep them unsealed the the small mice and squirrels get attracted towards the food and these kind of animals are a favorite food of snakes and thus, a snake can find it’s way to it’s next prey in your camp. I hope you would have understood the whole thing. Now let’s jump over to the Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Throw all of your left over food in an airtight container or a poly bag and place it away from your camp. This won’t attract those preys that snakes can come searching for.
  • You should immediately wash all the utensils after cooking and eating your meal as the smell can again attract those little packets of snake bait.


  • We have a habit of throwing away the left over crumbs, fruits and other food items. correct it immediately and build a habit of collecting all the stuff and throwing it far away from the campsite.
  • Also, don’t leave any kind of food item inside the tent when outside. Always seal everything and pack the Tarpaulin and other Gear so that they don’t become a hiding place for the Snakes.

3. Check your Gear and Tent periodically for Snakes

This is another measure that is very important when you go camping where somebody lives already. To keep your Gear and Tent from free from uninvited dwellers, ensure the following tips on a periodic basis whenever moving inside the Tent after a nice recreational walk.


  • Always check for any holes and gaps in your Tent. These holes can invite a stranger in there. Generally, these holes are caused by different reasons like being punctures by some stick. So always check a Tent repair kit like this one on amazon keep in your list before going out for camping.
  • Always Zip down your Tent and keep all the Gear inside it before leaving for outdoor exploration. This will ensure that you won’t find any surprising visitor indie your Tent or Gear.
  • Always check under the Tarpaulin that you have used as the floor for the Tent as the snakes like shade and can crawl into one wherever they find one.


  • If you sleep outside your Tent or your sleeping bag is exposed to the nature then please make sure that you carefully check inside the bag for any snake or other insects before jumping in.

4. Walk carefully and avoid the snakes

When you go around to explore the nature outside your campsite, you need to be very careful as  you can anytime encounter a predator and most probably, it’ll be a snake. Here are the major Do’s and don’ts to enjoy a nice time exploring without any dangers.


  • Always hold a nice thick and long stick in one of your hand and bang it on the ground while walking. Snakes are secretive and will avoid any encounter with a human or other animals. So these bangs will alert the snakes turning on their survival instinct and the snakes will vanish away from your way.
  • If you want to avoid holding a stick, then you can wear a pair of boots with Thick and strong sole that really creates vibrations on the ground while walking.


  • Avoid wandering out at night as there’s a high possibility to step over a snake which is passing by it’s way and it could lead to a deadly Bite.
  • Don’t run into any lying pile of stones or sticks as these are the prime spots for a snake to hide.

5. Lighting up a Campfire will Repel the snakes like a pro.

As you would have got from the Heading that a well built campfire can actually Repel any predator from your campsite. Animals are always scared of the Fire and that’s an advantage you have to use against them. Building a campfire can be a tiring task if isn’t done with a proper skill set. You can read a section in this article where we have told you the actual way of lighting up the campfire the pro way.

6. Pack a Snake Bite kit for the ultimate emergency of a snake Bite.

What can be the worst you could experience while camping? One of the worst and most dangerous things is to be bitten by a poisonous snake.

If you did everything that we explained you above and still got bitten then it’s a pure bad luck and you need to worry about it. Some snakes can be really poisonous and keeping a First Aid kit for an emergency like this can be proved very helpful in saving your life.

If you have got bitten by some snake and you think that isn’t poisonous, then you are doing a great mistake by ignoring the bite. When you are out of your comfort zone in the nature, nothing is under your control and you should treat every animal and snake dangerous out there.

To treat the snake bite, you can’t do much without any professional medical help so first step is to call 911 emergency to let the professionals come and handle it. What you can do to slow down the effect of poison till the medical help arrives is to tightly cover the whole area with immobilization bandages you can find in the snake bite kit. They really slow the poisonous effect. Remove your boots if you have been bitten on your leg because it starts to swell and it isn’t a great idea to restrict the swelling process by keeping your feet inside your boots. Pack along this ultimate snake bite kit( A must in the checklist) which will minimize the effect of the poison inside your blood stream. Watch the video below to learn how to apply the snake kit.


  • Never try to suck out the poison off the wound, it won’t help.
  • Never wash the snake bite as it makes difficult for the doctors to identify the snake you have Bitten by.

7. Wear Gaiters to avoid snake bite

Dressing up proper against the unexpected surprises given by nature is an important tip. You don’t need to pack yourself up in an astronaut suit but to cover your lower legs with thick and durable Gaiters(link to Amazon) is a life saving idea.

8. Encountered a Snake? Now what?

That is one of the most extreme situations you could get trapped into when talking about snakes while camping. But with a few tips, you’ll be able to get rid of the snake it it gets one on one with you. Here’s the video explaining every tip about What to do when you get head to head with a snake?


We have explained you every tip we could collect from the famous outdoor men who keep dealing with snakes at a daily basis. If you follow every tip correctly then there are hardly any chances that you encounter a snake bite. But if it does so, then keep that emergency Snake bite kite along.

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