How to make a Camping Shower? Cheap DIY Camping Shower Guide

How to make a Camping Shower? Cheap DIY Camping Shower Guide

Maintaining personal hygiene and privacy in the woods is challenging, but you can take care of it by carrying your very own portable camping shower. You can use it for multiple purposes other than just bathing. Here is a complete DIY guide with step by step instructions for you to make your own cheap camping shower at home.

Why you need a camping shower ?

When it comes to camping, people take major measures to make it peaceful and worth remembering from taking a high end tent to mosquito repellent, but they often neglect the most crucial thing that is hygiene! All the activities involved while camping will surely gonna make you sweat or while exploring the woods you may get soiled . You don’t want to get closer to your beloved one smelling like a mud hog definitely ruining the moment which affects your overall camping experience . 

Guide to build Cheap D.I.Y Camping Showers

1. D.I.Y Weed sprayer camping shower 

Weed sprayer diy camping shower

Materials required:

  1. Faucet hose (link to Amazon)
  2. Faucet spray head (link to Amazon)
  3. ¼ inch brass hose barb (link to Amazon)
  4. 2 gallon weed spray bottle (link to Amazon)

Yes, that’s it and you can find all this stuff at a supermarket in the hardware section or you can also buy them online by clicking on the links above , this is super cheap portable multipurpose camping shower and is perfect for camping plus its easy to assemble .

Instructions for assembly:

Step 1. Connect the faucet hose to the faucet spray head by screwing the ends together. Or you can go for the pre-assembled one when you buy them saving you a couple of bucks.

Step 2. Get the weed sprayer bottle and disconnect its hose from the bottle. Now separate the weed sprayer nozzle by cutting it off with the help of pliers .

Step 3. Now you have to connect the ends of the faucet hose from step 1 to the free end of the weed sprayer bottle hose using the ¼ inch brass hose barb. 

Step 4. Insert the narrow side of the brass hose barb inside the weed sprayer hose, it will fit perfectly and then screw the other end of the hose barb to the faucet hose . 

How to Use it?

Now you have assembled your portable camping shower. Just fill up your weed sprayer bottle with water, pump in some air, test it by pressing the faucet nozzle for pressure of water, check for leaks if they are present then do some taping round the hoses joint. 

NOTE- Always use a fresh and new weed sprayer bottle to make a camping shower as reused bottle may still have traces of chemicals in it after washing them , which may cause skin rashes or other allergies. 

2. D.I.Y Bilge pump camping shower

Blinge Pump DIY camping shower

A bilge pump is a water pump present at the bottom of a boat to pump out bilge water containing fuel , oil and dirty water that gather down in bilges. They have been designed to handle continuous pumping which makes them ideal for making a portable camping shower and they run on mere 12 volt battery which makes them safe and incredibly portable. Making a camping shower out of these pumps is pretty simple too. Just follow the below given instructions to carefully.

Materials Required:

  1. Bilge water pump (Link to Amazon)
  2. 12-volt battery (Link to Amazon)
  3. Screw driver
  4. Knife
  5. Insulated alligator clips (Link to Amazon)
  6. Plastic container for water 
  7. Plastic ties (Link to Amazon)
  8. Shower head (Link to Amazon)
  9. Hose pipe (Link to Amazon)

Assembly of the bilge pump camping shower

Step 1. Connect your shower head to the top of a hosepipe that measures 15′. Push the hose over the showerhead’s end till they’re connected firmly. Seal them together by using a plastic tie to wrap round the hose, tightening it as much as you can. Trim off any additional plastic from the tie.

Step 2. The other end of the hose pipe will need to be connected to the out pipe or discharge pipe of the bilge pump. To secure a firm connection push the end of the hose pipe over the out pipe of the bilge pump and then place another plastic tie over it , pulling tight and trimming the additional plastic.

Step 3. Now take another piece of hose pipe, long enough to go from the bilge pump to the top of the water container running to the bottom of the same container. This hose pipe needs to be connected to the bilge pump in pipe using the same above mentioned operations. Try to place the container near the bilge pump to increase the efficiency of pumping action.

Step 4. Strip the last ½ cm of the insulation from the wire that comes out of the bilge pump. Attach one of the alligator clips right to the end of each one of the wires by losening their terminal screws. Loop that stripped wire right around the screws and then make it tight so that the wire will remain in place. Make sure you assign different coloured clips to differ between positive and negative terminal of the battery. After doing so. Pull gently to ensure the safe and proper connections of the wire.

Step 5. Now take your water container and fill it to the top. Run the long length hose pipe connected to the bilge pump from the top of the container to the bottom of it .

Step 6. Now connect your positive alligator clip and negative alligator clips to the respective terminals of the battery. Doing so, so will complete the circuit from battery and bilge pump, resulting in pumping of water from the container towards the shower head. Now you just have to hold the shower head or hang it while you are taking your shower at camping .

NOTE – Make sure that the shower head is not facing towards the battery while you are having a shower because it may cause battery to stop from functioning.

Tips for Heating water in the camping shower:

You can use big black quality one’s trash bags, fill them with water and tie them up using thread or rope then leave them under the sun when its the hottest out there which is the noon itself. Black color has tendency to absorb more heat and retain it which’ll warm your water to a pleasurable temperature for shower. 

You can always heat some water on fire and then add some cold water to it if you want it that way. You can use any of the ways according to your preference. 

Making an enclosure to shower privately

Privacy can be a big concern especially when you are camping with friends and family or at shared sites. Thus we need camping shower enclosures , so we can enjoy our bath in nature without caring about peeking tom. Here are few very simple steps which will help you in making the perfect showering enclosure for camping without burning a whole in your pocket.

Materials required:

You will need the following items:

  1. Para cord for hanging the shower head
  2. Bendable plastic pipe, the kind you can make hula hoops with.
  3.  Knife
  4. Duct tape
  5. Pipe connector 
  6. Bungee cords X 4
  7. Opaque shower curtain liners X 2 
  8. Shower curtain hangers

Assembly of the Private shower enclosure:

  • The first step is to make the hoop. Use your arms to predict a diameter for the shower enclosure that would be comfortable for you to stand and bath in but not too big to fit in your car. Also while making the loop, pay attention towards the covering length of the shower curtain so that the meet closely after drawing them for shower.Its very simple to make a loop just bend the plastic pipe in a circle of your desired diameter and connect both ends of the pipe by inserting one end in another. Secure them in position using a duct tape.
  • Find a tree with accessible branches near your campsite where you can the hang hoop and begin installing the shower enclosure.
  • Use bungee cords to hang the hoop from the tree. This part may seem easy but it’s not , it may take you several tries but have patience. Hang one bungee hook on the connector of the loop to prevent the hoop from swinging around.
  • Evenly space the shower curtain hangers on the hoop. so when you draw the curtains ,they do easily.
  • Hang the curtains. To keep them in place, it’s helpful to pass the bungee hooks through the first and last holes in both curtains. This means you should carry more hangers to hang the rest.
  • For privacy, clip clothespins along the outside of one side of where the liners meet. On the other side, place a few clips where the person using the shower can access them from inside and close it up when showering.
  • You have now made yourself a nice, cozy, private shower area and you can also use hoop for hanging clothes and towel when done.

Buy an Enclosure!!

camping toilet in a tent

NOTE: If you don’t wanna make this enclosure yourself or you don’t wanna waste your time handling this difficult but extra job, then you can buy this amazing Bathroom tent from Amazon which is specially made for camping toilets and Bathrooms.


These are the two most simple ways of building a portable camping shower and camping shower enclosure within a budget and works way beyond your expectations. This method struck me after surfing through the internet for hours and it was the only thing which anyone can make and afford and works . So we first made one ourselves after using it we were amazed by the results and thought of sharing it you guys . This is it for today , campers! Go ahead and make your very own portable camping shower and share your experience with us .

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