15 tricks to keep mosquitoes and bugs away while camping

15 tricks to keep mosquitoes and bugs away while camping

There’s nothing quite a sort of a camping trip. Regardless of however technologically advanced we have a tendency to become, folks still like to get out and revel in the good outdoors — it’s the proper excuse to escape and unwind from the stresses of recent life. Families typically go on a camping trip to reconnect with one another and provides everybody an opportunity to disconnect from the cloud world of social media. Others love the thought of a secluded hideaway wherever your cares and troubles can’t realize you. Inconsiderate of what the explanation or the occasion, camping is an inexpensive retreat that gets you connected with what’s vital — having fun, appreciating the sweetness of nature and creating new memories with family and friends. But what about some unpleasant experiences you get vulnerable to while camping? I’m talking about that bunch of mosquitoes that hover in the camp and are a massive headache.

The most amazing thing about nature is you can’t control it, there are so many variables and its unpredictable which makes it even more adventurous and memorable for us. Mother nature also provides us with an unwanted company of mosquitoes and other bugs while camping and especially if its rainy season then we are doomed as these little winged buggers are the carrier of many still water-borne diseases and multiply very fast to prey on your sweet blood. So to make sure that these little critters do not hinder your perfect weekend getaway camping trip, there are many ways to repel them like from regular bugs repellent to use of some common tricks. Here are 15 ways to help you get rid of the irritating sound and keep those mosquitoes away from your campsite.


1. DEET-based sprays and cream

A most common and useful solution to keep bugs or mosquitoes away from a campsite is traditional bugs spray or cream. These are mostly DEET based, DEET is an insect repellent and more is the amount of DEET in the product it is said to be more effective in repelling mosquitoes. Some campers do not prefer DEET- based sprays or cream cause of its odd smell or effect on skin and eyes irritation.

Despite these problems, it is one of the best solutions and quite handy for repelling bugs if they get out of hand. Make sure that you carry a DEET based waterproof sprays or cream like this one available on Amazon, it is the best amongst the rest. You can spray it on your skin, on your tent and nearby to deter mosquitoes and other bugs from taking up residence.

2. Add Sage To your Campfire

Here’s an excellent camping hack: burn sage to your fire to repel mosquitoes. They just don’t like the smell of sage, thus it’s a natural bug deterrent. It’ll keep them from getting roasted by your fire fun, however, the smell will linger on your skin and vesture as more protection once it’s done the burning. While most humans get pleasure from the earthy smell of sage, mosquitoes don’t. so means that you get to require in a nice aroma and bite-free surroundings.

Plus, ticks conjointly hate sage and will stay away from the smell, too.

3. Insect Repellent Clothing

Any lightweight sleeve shirts and pants can keep the bugs off your skin, however generally mosquitoes will bite through your shirt. And if it’s hot, you don’t wish to wear additional layers. a number of out of doors firms build clothing with repellent within the cloth. These shirts really work well. The advantage of having to wear treated clothes is that you just don’t ought to place unhealthful creams or sprays on your skin. Here are some insect repelling clothing products that are pretty sporty and Bug free at the same time.

4. Citronella Candles

Several companies create candles infused with citronella oil and some lit candles are effective around camp. Citronella is associate oil that’s thought of a natural insect repellent, although they aren’t usually sturdy enough to ward away the plenty, citronella candles(afflt. link) do minimize the bugs.

5. Bug Repellent Bracelets

Bug repellent bracelets can help you get rid of mosquitoes and other insects by releasing repelling chemical in the air present around you. Just place it on your wrist like a normal band and you are good to explore your camp’s surroundings. Another beneficial point of these bracelets is, there is no need to put a repellent spray or sticky cream on your sensitive skin which gives you an odd smell. Check out this one (afflt. link) its cool plus cheap and effective from comfort road.

These bracelets release vapor of active ingredients which repel most of the common bugs to a certain radius, creating a kind of protective shield from bugs. You don’t have to wear them all the time to be shielded from the mosquitoes, you can just hang them or place them near your campsite it’ll work that way too.

6. Smell that bugs hate

Mosquitoes and insects hate the smell of bound foods which we do like to eat. Onions, garlic and citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are sensible foods to stay handy when you’re camping. Bugs can’t stand the smell of this produce.

Unfortunately, you’d got to eat loads of those for them to work in an effective way from the inside out. You can also rub your skin with garlic, onions and even citrus peels so that the bugs won’t return for a visit. It should leave you smelling sort of a dish, however, it’s a natural and easy bug-repellent. It doesn’t hurt to add onions and garlic in your cookery when you’re in the nice outdoors, because the smell can fill the air with its anti-bug fragrance.

7. Don’t forget to carry your essential oils

A lot of people use essential oils in there everyday life and they may already know that there are certain types of oils which helps in keeping mosquitoes out of site.

You can also make your own homemade mosquito repellent by mixing 10-20 drops of below mentioned essentials oils in a spray bottle , with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol alongside with half a cup of natural witch hazel and half a cup of water.

  • Sage
  • Catnip
  • Geranium
  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree
  • Cajeput
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Citronella
  • Clove
  • Thyme
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood

After adding them, give your bottle a vigorous shake so that oils and water mix well and then spray it nearby your campsite and on your tent. The smell of this homemade repellent will keep bugs away from your peaceful stargazing night outside the tent.

8. Garlic – your night out

Mosquitoes are like tiny blood sucking vampires they come out at night to prey on you while you sleep peacefully, but every vampire got one weak spot and that is they can’t stand the smell of garlic. So in order to sleep peacefully and to avoid there irritating buzzing sound one should carry a lot of garlic when goes for camping.

Eating garlic frequently is a natural way to get rid of mosquitoes and avoid getting bitten by them. If you don’t wish to eat it, however, don’t mind smelling like it, rub a clove or 2 on your skin.

However, if you’d rather not walk around smelling like garlic, you’ll be able to boil crushed garlic in water and so use that as a DIY deterrent repellent spray.

9. Bug repelling diffusers and coils

Nowadays in the market, bug-repellent diffusers are available that emit a chemical referred to as metofluthrine. These work as long as twelve hours and provide maximum of 85 to 99 % protection against mosquitoes. The diffuser includes a battery-operated fan that spreads the chemical around a little space. simply place one of these diffusers in an area. wherever you and your camping companions are gathering for a rapid bug protect.

Similar to diffusers, pyrethrum-infused coils emit a strong mosquito-repelling scent, together with smoke. Bugs hate finding many of those coils scattered around your campsite.

10. Stay hydrated

Camping in summers, let’s say while hiking or when you are exploring nature with your friends or family can lead you to dehydration and release of a lot of sweat from your body. Mosquitoes and other bugs are attracted to this smell of sweat and they will come to visit your wet skin for a quick snack. There are several reasons to remain hydrated while camping, a bottle of water may come in handy when you feel like you are setting out to sweat take a chilly, refreshing sip of water.

11. Coffee to ground the mosquitoes

 When you sprinkle the grounds onto the surface of the water, it’ll drive the mosquitoes eggs to rise to the surface and deprive them of oxygen which will result in eliminating them before they hatch.

This is one of the oldest tricks used since ancient times to keep the stagnant water clear of mosquitoes larva.

It’s sensible to grasp this simple repellent trick in case it rains as then you may notice that there’s a big quantity of still fresh water around your campground. Preventing mosquitoes from breeding may be a certain way for not dealing with them in the future, particularly if you’re on a campground.

12. Add MINT to your priority list

Bugs are not fond of how mint smells , they will not bother you if you spray some mint mouthwash near your campsite and on your tent. You can also place mint in a pot and plant it somewhere near your campsite. Bugs hate the smell of mint , so they will not come to visit you if u pop some strong mint pills in your mouth from time to time and on the other hand it will give you a refreshing breath which will help you to stay close to your girlfriend and keep a distance from the bugs.

Spearmints,peppermints or any other member of the mint family are effective repellers of bugs and mosquitoes.

13. Odour-less toiletries

Insects are drawn to the overly fragrance of your toiletries, this doesn’t mean that in order to avoid bugs you should not take a shower or remain unhygienic the whole camping trip. You can go for the natural and odourless toiletries like this soap available online (afflt link.).

It comes into notice that insects are attracted towards smell of following toiletries-

  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Aftershave
  • perfume

So avoid using ordinary fragrant toiletries when you are in the great outdoors of the nature, or bugs will knock for a surprise visit anytime .

14. Vinegar – the savior

The strong scent of vinegar can only be tolerated by few people, so if you don’t mind smelling like vinegar then you can dip a cotton ball in vinegar and dab it against your skin as it totally repels mosquitoes making you mosquito bite proof . if you are not willing to rub it against your skin you can rub some vinegar to objects present nearby you like on your tent , on your food containers and on your picnic table, that will work too.

15. Screen rooms and Head net (ultimate solution)

When everything you tried can’t help you out the candles, coils, repellent , clothing, everything! and you stuck with a sudden bug storm, then there is nothing better than screen rooms.

Screen rooms are nothing but a large tent with screened in walls that allows you to enjoy the view of outside , letting in the breeze of soothing air and also keeping away the pests .

You can also  create your own screen room by placing a head net around your tent , it may use some extra effort but it’s totally worth it. A trusted net head like this one can protect you from a bug storm and you can enjoy your camping without any problem.

Some other things to remember-

  • Food left unattended or uncovered is an invitation to bugs , so keep them covered.
  • Always remember to zip up your tent whenever you enter/exit it, or else you will suffer.
  • Throw some dry herbs in the campfire , as smoke will deter the bugs away.
  • Carry some insect repellent lanterns for night , will help you while stargazing.
  • Avoid using any artificial fragrant products while camping.


Mother nature is beautiful , and everyone should explore their surroundings and make new memories but it’s important to stay safe , healthy and comfortable while doing so. Now after reading this article you may have come know about the problems these little bugs create and would also have got plenty of ways to repel mosquitoes and bugs while camping. So pack your bags and resources and step into the great outdoors in the arms of beautiful nature with your friends and family. Hope you have great camping experience.

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