Top 10 Romantic Camping Getaway Destinations for Outdoor Couples

Top 10 Romantic Camping Getaway Destinations for Outdoor Couples

We have talked about nearly everything that you need to have a successful camping trip with your partner. But we never talked about the most important factor for a successful camping trip. Here we mean by the destination or what we call it the perfect camping spot for a couple to multiply the love a hundred times.

Selecting a correct camping spot is a major factor that will either make or break your camping trip. The Whether out there is also a factor you need to look out for when searching for a perfect camping getaway. People often get mistaken and then end up ruining the whole trip by regretting their choice.

Choosing a Romantic camping destination can really be a hectic task and 99% of you will fail to choose the perfect and most suitable one for you as it requires Tens of factors on your list to be checked before actually making the final decision.

To eliminate this hectic and stressful situation and to avoid dedicating several hours just to check a hundred campgrounds all around the united states for your suitability, we have enlisted the Best 10 Romantic Camping destinations suitable for every couple out there who’s looking to spend some quality time in isolation knowing each other more and better.

10 Romantic Camping Getaways for an adventurous outdoor couple

Analyzing Hundreds of campsites and popular camping Destinations among Americans, we have selected the Top 10 which we feel like they are the most Romantic and Ideal for couples who are planning their First camping trip together. weather you prefer a classic backpacking Trip or a more comfortable Trip in a luxury camper, you’ll love these Camping getaways equally.

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is one of the largest valleys in the United states for camping. It’s beautiful Pine trees and waterfalls give a nice romantic Feel to your camping rather than those harsh camping trips where you and your bros would like to go for an extreme adventure.

There are many campsites inside the Yosemite valley so you could easily get your booking done on the spot. Its a first come first served camping destination where you have to look out for a backup plan if there’s no vacancy in the campsite. But you can put your name in the list and come a few hours later to get a vacant spot for camping.

Yosemite national park also offers Bear Resistant Food lockers to prevent any bear attacks on your food supplies.

If you are a couple that loves to carry your pets along as they increase the love and romance between you two then this is one’s for you as all the campsites here a pet friendly.

North, Upper and lower pines campsites are located at whopping 4000′ Feet above the sea level that will add up to your romantic camping trip.

First Landing State Park, Virginia

First Landing State Park, Virginia

If you live near in Virginia then this Camping destination is perfect for you as it’s just a few minutes away from the crowded city. So if you and your girlfriend just came up with a plan to spend some quality time in the woods today, you can pack your bags and reach this beautiful Camping destination in minutes.

First Landing state park is Ideal for couple as it has specific alcoves where each campsite is situated. This gives you the feeling that you are along with her and provides the ultimate privacy unlike Yosemite national park where you could see other’s camp just a few meters away.

This one is a beach camping spot where you’ll get the taste of camping in the woods along with a beautiful beach to lit up your campfire sitting close to each other with a bottle of beer in hand. Doesn’t it sounds like a perfect couple campsite?

Sonoma Coast State Beach, California

Sonoma Coast State Beach, California

This one’s also a beach camping site like the one above. We have added one more site for beach camping because couples and beach go great together and being the toughest type of camping, it can only be handled and enjoyed by couples very well. If you are fortunate, you can also watch large whales playing in the ocean.

It can turn a little crowded during the peak time of romance, the evening. So you can always expect some privacy concerns unlike the First Landing state park.

This campsite gets a thumbs up with its Restrooms. Their Restrooms are very comfortable and clean and would surely be a life saver when in case of some emergency like an unexpected Rain.

Sugarloaf Key/Key West, Florida

Sugarloaf Key/Key West, Florida

Sugarloaf Key is the best camping destination if you want to experience some Tropical woods at their peak. This place has so much to do that you won’t feel bored even if you  camp for days here. The whether here is very pleasant here and you won’t feel that hot and uncomfortable camping here.

A beach, a historic town nearby and over 200 campsites together give you a huge package to explore and enjoy with. Plus, this camping destination is full of facilities like pool, bar to keep you connected to the urban while camping in the woods. Most of the other campgrounds lag these type of special amenities.


Mount Magazine State Park- Paris, Arkansas

mount magazine state park

Mount Magazine state park is indeed one of the most beautiful Camping destination in the list. Hiking through the beautiful mountains with  your opposite one will give you the feeling you wouldn’t have experienced before. I suggest you to go camping with her during the spring as the mounts turn extremely beautiful.

This is the only campground which is Big enough to hold over 80 campsites but for the comfort of people and to provide the required privacy, space and a feeling of loneliness, they have maintained just 18 campsites which will surely succeed in providing you with the best camping pleasures.


Wellesley Island State Park, New York

Wellesley Island State Park, A New York

This Wellesley Island State Park is beautiful of a campground with over 500 campsites. You can only come here by walking or by Boat. This park situated next to the crowded city is an instant camping destination for the urban dwellers which is quite spacious even after holding over 500 campsites.

During winters, you can enjoy cross-country ski, snowshoe, ice fish and many more fun activities that will keep you indulged and prevent you from getting bored in the woods.


Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park, A Oregon

Silver Falls state Park is one of the most beautiful places to go camping. Don’t worry about your personal space, you won’t find any disturbances or other campers much, so get ready for an extreme romantic camping experience among beautiful Falls and a immensely gorgeous landscapes.

This camping destination is best for the couples who also love a little adventure too.

The only drawback about this beautiful place is its lack of facilities.


Oscar Scherer State Park – Venice, Florida

Oscar Scherer State park is a boon for the city dwellers who love spending time with the nature and who want to experience all the fun activities with their mate. This park is the cleanest and well maintained by the authorities providing cleanest bathrooms and restrooms. You can enjoy various romantic activities like canoeing, fishing, swimming or just sit by the campfire and enjoy the view.

This park has 6 trails which are enough for an adventurous couple to pull out all the fun from this camping trip. You can also visit a museum located nearby. You’ll love this place as it has a punch of everything a camper dreams of.


Niagara Falls North – Buffalo, New York

Niagara Falls North - Buffalo, New York

Being the most Beautiful and popular camping destination among Americans, Niagara Falls could never go old and boring no matter how many campgrounds emerge. The beautiful scenery of falls is breathtaking. I would highly recommend this classic Camping destination that won’t ever disappoint you and your partner.

This place has romance in the air and being an outdoor couple, you must experience the camping at least once in a lifetime.

North Rim Campground – Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

North Rim Campground - Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon as suggested by the name is the biggest destination for the outdoor lovers throughout the Year. It experiences over 4 million visitors an Year. So, How can the Biggest camping destination be forgotten when talking about the best campgrounds.

The most popular campground where you could enjoy the beauty of Grand canyon is the north Rim campground. There are clean water taps, restrooms, general store to get your daily food items like bread and milk. The campsites here are quite spacious and perfect for romance seeking couples.

There are also 2 large trails for the ones who love hardcore adventure.


These 10 Romantic camping destinations are the one stop outdoor getaway for the couples of any age who’ll love to spend some private time in the woods. All of the above camping destinations are spread all over the United States. You can always find one nearest to you and with the best suitable Facilities. If you want to find all the information about any campground in the world then check out campgroundreviews here.

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