Most Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples to try this Season

Most Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples to try this Season

Being in a relationship with someone, everyone tries to find a great activity or a holiday that can bring both of them together and closer like never before. Being busy all the day and not dedicating much time to each other, everyone in a relationship has this kind of complaints in this modern era. You cannot just sort ’em out by just talking and finding a way out promising each other more time and care. This just Doesn’t work because you gotta get back on that busy track in some time and the promises get failed to fulfill.

This has happened to me, my friends and likely everybody I know. It only increases the distance and nothing else. The perfect aid to this kind of Relationship problem is to plan a Ridiculously Romantic Camping Trip with your significant other where you both get isolated from the concrete jungle and its distracting elements.

A 3-4 Day couple camping trip in the woods would become a perfect escape from that material life and would take your relationship, love and understanding to a next level like it did for mine.

Having an Idea to go on a camping trip with your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t work alone. To get the trip successful and to extract those everlasting sweet memories out of it, you need to plan it properly. And that too with the correct Romantic camping ideas for couples, tips and most importantly the special gear that you need to spend a good time with your significant other.

10 Romantic Camping Ideas for the Outdoor Couples

Having told you about all the benefits and memories you can extract from the mother nature for both of you and your love life, we won’t spend more time talking about them. Instead, we’ll jump straight to the list of the Best Romantic Ideas for camping.

1. The Correct Camping Gear for a successful trip

couple camping ideas

We have put the camping gear at the first position in the list because its indeed the most important thing you would want on this kind of trip to bring it to success. For your information, I must tell you that for couple camping you’ll be needing a complete different set of the Gear that is solely made for couples.

Don’t worry, we aren’t telling you to shed 100’s of bucks but to buy the right gear like a Double sleeping Bag, a double Hammock and many useful Gears that are a fit for couples and without which this camping trip won’t be a fun. Take my words seriously here.

So, we have written another article that is completely dedicated to the Top 5 Couple camping Gear you must take along on a trip with your significant other. You can select what’s most important for you and buy accordingly.

2. A Magical Campfire

colorful campfire idea for couples

When it comes to a campfire, people take it for granted and say, “Huh! its just a fire, what’s needed to learn about it!?”. This attitude is a complete ‘no’ towards a campfire as it is very difficult to light it up properly like a pro. There are many downfalls to a campfire if lit by a noobster. The smoke can cause strain in your eyes and ruin the complete experience. There are many more things that can bother you if it comes to light up a campfire properly.

Being the heart of a camping trip, campfires are known to be the most important thing after the tent and a true camper must know the exact trick to light up the correct campfire.

You need to learn the simple process of lighting up the campfire in a single shot in front of your lady. That’s how you impress her right?

here’s a small guide you can read right now in our article about Camping in the Rain. Just scroll the page down to the 10th tip on that article and you’ll find the easiest and the best way to light up a quick campfire.

3. Romantic Games and Activities to try

Romantic camping games ideas

Imagine its raining outside for long and you have no idea what to do. Well that’s a perfect excuse to pull out a board game and play with your significant other. No just a board game, there are a plenty of Ridiculously Romantic verbal games that don’t need anything but your creativity and mouth to speak.

We researched for 10 of the most romantic games and activities and wrote an article about them. We also told the correct way to play them along with a little creativity. Trust me, They are extremely amazing and you’ll fail other time killing activities in front of them. I have tried ’em personally and would recommend you to check out that article and try yourself.

4. Fairy lighting, music and comfy sleeping setup for a memorable night

fairy light in a camping tent idea


The best part of a camping trip with our significant other are the nights. Nights are the time when you don’t have other things to take care about. You can spend an amazing night inside a tent with your man/girl with some small tweaks and preps.

Get a string of fairy lights from Amazon and some camping pillows(link to Amazon) that can be carried easily inside the backpack. Just decorate the tent with the fairy lights and make a comfortable bedding with the help of those pillows and a good quality double camping mattress for couples(on Amazon).

The night is yours now. Haven’t had sex in the woods before? This is the night, try it for the first time. And yes, don’t forget to play light music on that bluetooth speaker of yours.

5. A Perfect Dinner Date during Sunset

Romantic camping dinner idea for couple

The Most Romantic and classic activity that can go around anywhere is a fine candlelight Dinner. Yes, you hear it right. But it isn’t as simple and easy as it seams because you don’t have to shed few bucks and the dinner will be prepared with that romantic ambiance.

You have to prepare everything yourself. The two most important things that play the important role here are the Sunset which is free and the delicious dinner that you are gonna prepare yourself on the Barbeque for you both.

The other important things that you need to set the perfect romantic ambiance are the scented Candles(link to Amazon), a good quality folding camping table and two folding camping chairs.

Just set the dinner against the sunset and watch the beautiful sunset while having a restaurant like candle dinner out there in the woods.

I bet it will become the most memorable night of your life together. Do try this one as it can become the most memorable part of the trip

Extra Tip: If you wanna add those 4 stars to the dinner, then don’t compromise with anything. Also bring a bottle of fine french wine to set the dinner on fire. I know a bottle won’t do as it is fragile and not so portable.

So I found this extremely useful Wine bottle pouch on Amazon which can carry as much wine as a bottle does. This will prove to become the most useful gadget during the trip. 

6. More Polaroids and less Digital photos

polaroid ideas for couple campers

You don’t have a nice Polaroid camera? What? Go grab it now then.

You click digital photos every time the whole day with your smartphones and D.S.L.R cameras. And on every trip, a good camera is your best friend to capture the moments.

I’m not telling to not to bring a digital camera on this trip. I’m just recommending you a great Polaroid camera like this Fujifilm Instax(Best in the market) that will induce an old school feel to this trip. It’ll also give your romantic memories a good collection of photographs that you can hang on your bed wall or anywhere inside in your house as a decor.

7. Cooking the snack Treats Together

Don’t just settle down with meat or other foods and do try out love pies that will be a perfect evening snack with a cup of coffee or tea. Love pies will induce more love and romance to your trip.

You can buy this love pie iron here on Amazon that I used on my last trip with my girlfriend

8. Your Fav. Childhood Cartoon series to watch together

Everybody loved cartoons in their childhood and we all have that hidden child inside us. But that child is suppressed by the daily stress and modern life. Won’t we exclaim with joy if we get to watch our favorite childhood cartoon series that can dip us down in extreme nostalgia. Being in the woods with no connection to the concrete jungle, isolated with your girlfriend, there won’t be a better timing of choosing that cartoon series above those movies and t.v series.

9. Back your most interesting Novels if you love reading

romantic book reading idea for camping

If you are the one like me who loves reading then sorry, I can’l keep you from reading interesting novels along with your partner in your arms. Its probably one of the best feelings in the world. Get a great love story and go read it with your significant during the trip.

10. A musical instrument and the campfire – The Perfect Duo

a couple playing guitar during campfire

many of us couldn’t play even one musical instrument and that’s probably the saddest of things one can’t do. Someone great has said that you ought to learn at least one musical instrument in your life.

Guitar being at the topmost priority if it comes to learn a new instrument and a guitar and a campfire are always paired together.

So plan the trip ahead of the time so that you can learn to play guitar enough to impress her sitting beside the campfire in a blanket.


Inspired by the most romantic camping Ideas that other couples usually plan on their outdoor camping dates, I prepared this list of all the best possible romantic Ideas a couple could execute to plan a perfect Camping trip together. These 10 couple camping ideas alone are capable of creating the most beautiful memories with your significant other.

Virat singh

Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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