Top Fun and Romantic Camping Games for Couples to play in the wilderness

Top Fun and Romantic Camping Games for Couples to play in the wilderness

Wondering about how to stay entertained and not so bored while camping with your significant other? As per my experience about camping with my Girlfriend, there’s the biggest culprit that hits every time I go outdoors with her. It is the awkward silence that lasts for as long as 30 mins. And during that time, I always think that I knew some interesting games or activities that could break this awkward silence and entertain us at the same time.

But Camping games don’t stop right there to satisfy your boredom. They mean much more and they can do miracle to your weak or boring relation. Also, they are the best tool that could bring you guys so close that a bed or a couch fails to do. Spending time outdoors without any communication link to the outer world, 0% pollution, noises etc is indeed the best therapy for a couple to revive the relationship in just a day or two by just dedicating their time to each other and exploring the significant other more.

You can find a huge list of couple camping games anywhere around the web or you can create a few interesting games themselves, both will help to keep you entertained, happy and to strengthen your relationship.

But what drives you here to this page is the list of the best 9 Couple camping games a couple can play while in the wilderness. These following games are tested by the social scientists to give out the best results in terms of strengthening your relationship and keep you from getting bored inside the tent when its raining or whatsoever. Trust me, you’ll love this blend of Adventurous, Romantic and entertaining cabin games for couples.

9 Creative Camping Games for couples | Discover the Hidden Romance and Fun

As I told you pals above, these games seem to be just an activity to kill the time but it can become much more than that if the selection of games is done properly. Also, you need to play them properly as we tell you below to make them do their magic effectively.

If you play those games just for fun and don’t get indulge emotionally in them then sorry, they won’t help you revive that forgotten love and understanding again. So remember to get emotionally attached to ’em and also to play more like a couple and not like two friends.

Some of the following games will need to be planned ahead of time as they include some preparation and most importantly the apparatus that’ll be required to play the game. The other ones are the last minute games which won’t require any apparatus or beforehand preparation. They’ll prove to be quite handy to kill the time if its raining outside and you are stuck inside the tent. Moreover, these verbal games are more intense and romantic than most of the other games in the list.

So let’s jump onto the exciting list of the handpicked camping games for couples.

1. I went to Vegas…

best games for couple campers

This is the lightest but one of the most interesting games in the list. By the name ‘I went to Vegas’, I know you would be wondering what the heck is that, but trust me its the easiest game out there that’ll not only entertain you guys but it’ll make both of you laugh for long. It’ll also decrease that hidden distance between you guys and help both of you discover each others desires and wants on such a trip to Vegas.

Directions: First person to start the game will say “I went to Vegas” and then add whatever they would have like to do out there. Like “I went to Vegas and fu*ked a woman in car”. The second one will repeat that sentence but he/she has to add another thing they would have done. Just like “I went to Vegas, Fu*ked a woman in car and got arrested for Hit and Run”.

You have to add a thing each time you get the chance to speak. First one to mess up with the correct order of the list loses the game.

2. Romantic Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt outdoor game for couples

Being a kid everybody has played this adventurous and interesting game on picnics or during Christmas in the house itself. You already know what I am talking about, but here’s a big change in the game if you are playing it with your significant other. Want some Romance, adventure and fun at the same time? Nothing could provide it better than this Game under this list.

The biggest ‘pro’ about this game is the outdoor nature that most of the games lack to provide. I believe that if you are outdoors to experience nature and adventure with a tinge of love and romance then you ain’t gotta play those time killing ‘inside the tent games’. Instead, you gotta move out the tent and struggle for some love and joy yourself.

Treasure Hunt fulfills every requirement of an ideal Couple camping game.

This game demands more creativity and brain than the others in the list. To play it for the best experience, you gotta take care of the following things:

  • You should know about the campsite well enough to drop clues at the correct places.
  • If you wanna surprise your partner with a special treat like a sweet romantic dinner, find a suitable location which isn’t far away from your tent. As you aren’t alone here in the woods and your prepared dinner could easily be eaten by other creatures before your partner breaks the clues and reaches the surprise.
  • You and your partner should have a good memory to remember those tiny events and sweet memories of your relationship’s to create some really creative and romantic clues for your partner.
  • Your relationship should be at least an Year long to have a good collection of memories and hence a good collection of clues.

Directions: Once you decide the Treasure Hunt’s path and write the clues accordingly, go find some trees that can be easily differentiated from the rest so that you don’t forget the correct way to the final surprise. If you wanna stretch this Love Hunt the whole evening then you can either choose tough clues or make a whole long list of clues. they will easily take the whole evening to get broken and then you can have that candle light dinner with a bottle of Fine wine.

3. Scars and the Stories

couple camping games

This game has made its own place in this list because of the immense creativity that took around to create this game. ‘Scars and the Stories’ is basically fit to play around a campfire along with a group of friends but here with the opposite two, it works just fine if you give it a tinge of love and some humor.

The name itself suggests the directions of this game and if you are creative and smart enough to understand the game by just it’s name then congratulation, you are gonna play it really well as it demands strong creativity with a handful of smartness.

Directions: This game is about the scars on the body of your significant others. Everybody has scars on their body and with every scar, what follows is a story behind it. You just have to use you creativity and smartness to figure out the story behind that specific scar on his/her body. If you guess it right, you win. This shows how much you know your partner and also test the level of understanding between you too.

If you have some hidden scars on your body, don’t feel shy to show them to your partner or your  date so that you guys can come closer emotionally and as well as physically.

Its a beautiful game that connects to different individuals unknowingly and create a next level of understanding if you guys are already in relationship.

4. I Adore…!

romantic camping games for couples

Another beautiful verbal game in the list that doesn’t demand any ahead of the time preparations. ‘I Adore…’ is a game next door that is created by someone who has a great grasp on romantic creativity. God! Is Romantic creativity even a term? Lol! leave.

Its one of the simplest game in the list that doesn’t demand anything but a beautiful mind that sees and adore all the beautiful physical and emotional features that your opposite one holds.

One by one, chance by chance you are both gonna tell one thing you adore in him/her. Like “I Adore those neck-bones that make me high every time I see them”.

This is a game which’ll make you guys come closer and make your partner aware of the fact that you adore certain things inside them which you wouldn’t have said before. It won’t only make you both blush with an overflow of love and joy, but will also work on decreasing that shyness that stops you and your partner from complimenting each other.

5. Would you Rather

fun games for couples

Another creative camping game for couples who are looking to revive that missing childhood fun again where we used to ask weirdest questions from our fellow friends and parents that didn’t had any head or foot. As described by the name, its a question game where you try to put your opposite other into a delima by giving them two choices to choose. See that’s how it works: “Would You Rather Lose All Of Your Money And Valuables Or All Of The Pictures You Have Ever Taken?”. See, it was a brilliant example of the questions you can ask to your boyfriend/girlfriend to unravel and discover those hidden things about them.

This can turn out to be a strong game at times when you switch to those strong questions just to test your partner or to learn new things about them. This is just to reach that understanding level that can save a drowning relationship and could make the bond even stronger in a healthy relationship.

I highly recommend this game even if you aren’t facing any trust or misunderstanding ones just to learn new things about your partner. It will only help at the end.

6. Romantic Scrabble

romantic scrabble for couples

I believe there’s no one in United states who hasn’t played this epic game at-least once in a lifetime. Scrabble has been a part of nearly every household in the country for a long time. I hope I shouldn’t tell you ‘how to play it? afterall. But I am not talking about the normal scrabble that you have been playing since the childhood.

This is something special as you are here on this trip with the love of your life, so is the game modified accordingly. What you can do to make it more interesting and romantic, use only the words related to love, things you both have done together and what not!

Directions: This one requires an ahead of time planning where you have to buy a compact travel scrabble board (link. to Amazon) like this one that fits in your backpack occupying minimal space as you can’t just give out a big portion of space to a board game where you have to put certain useful gadgets for this camping trip.

Each player will have 8 tiles at first to start off the game with as many romantic words that come into your mind. Let’s see whose love vocab is better.

In the next game, you can choose out the words based on your relationship memories you both have collected till date. This won’t only stimulate real love between you guys but it’ll also tell your opposite one how precious those memories are for you.

7. Stargazing with Star map

stargazing game for couple camping

Stargazing is known to be one of the most night activities while camping. And it becomes way more interesting and romantic if done on a outdoor camping date. But have you heard of a star map before? most of you wouldn’t have any idea what I’m talking about.

Like the roads and paths, stars also have a defined territory. You can identify a star using a star map that you can purchase right here on Amazon. We have given you the idea to play this interesting game, now its upon your identification skills on how many stars or constellations you can find in the night sky. The one who finds more wins the whole game.

Unlike that boring stargazing where you just watch stars and get bored in a few minutes, this one is really interesting that can keep you going for at least an hour without being realized. This can turn really really romantic when you both would be wrapped into each other’s arms and trying to beat each other in identifying stars.

The best practice to play this beautiful game is to choose a campsite away from polluted cities with as big sky visibility as possible. You must take a look on weather forecast before planning to go camping as you need a clear sky without any clouds.

The best way to enjoy this kinda stargazing is to get a good quality couple Hammock like this one and a blanket and lay inside it to increase the coziness and to get the better view of stars. Trust me, you both are gonna love that feeling.

8. A stack of cards

classic card games for camping

When you don’t plan any fun games or activities and look out for one at the 11th hour, then no one’s is a better partner than a stack of cards. Be it the normal playing cards or UNO, they do a great job in killing time as they have been proved for it.

So, the motive is to keep a stack of cards always in your backpack. You don’t know when you gonna need it.

9. Best of the Board Games

board games for couple camping

When it comes to board games, there’s a vast list of names that have won our hearts in childhood. I remember, when I used to open up the gift wrapped board games on Christmas. That day used to be the best day of the Year. No matter what the age is, those creative Board games fill all of us with the same excitement as they used to be in the past.

Now days, there a vast range of interesting board games you can take along the camping trip. Out in the nature, away from your Ipads and smart phones, playing the old school board games give out the best feeling you should experience on your next camping trip. I recommend some really interesting Board games here on Amazon for couples. Do check it out. Also, you can open your childhood drawer and wipe out that years old dust to take your favorite childhood board game on this trip if you didn’t sell them off on your garage sale.



All the games wee recommended above will give you a next level feeling to explore something or the other in your partner that wasn’t accessible yet in your relationship. We didn’t only focus on you fun but mentioned the games that could really revive a relationship and give it a nice therapy to make it even stronger and better. I hope you loved all the games that I have tested personally on camping trips with my girlfriend. Thank you!

Virat singh

Being an Outdoor Enthusiast, I am an avid Camper and an adventurous brat. I have been to several Campgrounds around the world along with my Girlfriend and my Gear in past 3 Years. Camping has taken my Drowning Relationship to the new heights where I can bet that we both share the strongest bond, understanding and Love. I always wanted to share this Outdoor therapy for all the weak relationships worldwide and want to help all the couples to Camp safer, better and make their camping experience the Best of all the things they have done together.

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